Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the kids love getting involved in doing some Valentine’s Day crafts. It’s not just about couples but about showing those you care about that you love them too. I asked some of my blogging friends for their craft ideas to share with you. Here’s what they came up with:

Paper Heart Wreath

Jane shared this gorgeous paper heart wreath. This is so simple to do yet it looks so effective, I love it! You could hang them on the doors or from your ceiling. I like the idea of using glue dots too as they leave zero mess. Here’s the instructions:

paper heart wreath Valentine's Day arts & crafts idea
Photo credit: Hodge Podge Days

Recycled Heart Sun Catchers

Jenny made these recycled heart sun catchers with her girls. They used empty plastic milk bottles and sparkly bits from their craft stash. Here’s how to make them:

heart sun catcher valentine's day arts & crafts using plastic milk bottle
Photo credit: The Gingerbread House

Celery Rose Cards

Another idea from Jane at Hodge Podge Days is these cute celery rose greetings cards. Use the stub end of a celery dipped in red paint to make the rose shape. Super easy for little hands to manage. You could also use this print technique to decorate some brown paper for wrapping gifts in.

celery stick rose print greetings cards
Photo Credit: Hodge Podge Days

Wool Heart Hangers

If you have a knitter in the house then this is a great way of using up any left over wool. Cut the heart shapes out using cardboard and then wrap the wool round and round. Simple! I love the decorative tree Anthea has hung them from in her photos on the link:

hanging heart shapes using wool
Photo credit: Blue Bear Wood

Heart Window Decoration

This one is another window decoration but this time using paper doileys. I love the way the red heart catches the light. Is it just me or do they look like jammy dodgers?! Here’s how to make them:

heart doilley sun catcher
Photo Credit: Midwife and Life

Toilet Roll Animal Valentines

Rosie from Little Fish Blog shared these gorgeous toilet roll animals she made with her kids. They are each holding a tiny little Valentine card which I think is so cute! Here’s the step by step guide on how to make them:

toilet roll tube animals
Photo credit: Little Fish Blog

52 Reasons Why I Love You

I absolutely love this idea from Jane again at Hodge Podge Days. Heart shaped cards with 52 reasons why you love your partner. How cute is that?! All handmade and handwritten. So much time and effort and guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Love it!

heart shaped cards with reason why i love you written on.
Photo credit: Hodge Podge Days

Spinning Heart Card

I love this very clever spinning heart greeting card by Helen at Kiddy Charts. You could use all sorts of crafts supplies to decorate the rest of the card however you like too. Here are the instructions on how to make it:

spinning heart card Valentine's day crafts

We like to make cards and do some baking for our loved ones. We also have a special dinner or afternoon tea as a family. You can find some more ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family in my post here: How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Kids

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