Harry Potter Party Ideas

Harry Potter party bag and contents

For my daughter’s 11th birthday I hosted a Harry Potter party at home and I can honestly say it’s the best party we’ve ever had. It was so much fun and all the kids LOVED it. The party took a lot of planning and weeks of preparation but all the effort really did pay off.

First of all we designed the invitations. I used Canva to design the invitations to look like parchment scrolls from Hogwarts. We put them in envelopes which we sealed shut with false wax seals. I printed the wax seals off of Google and then cut them out individually.

Harry Potter party invitation

On the day of the party we started off by setting the scene. The front door had a sign saying ‘Wizards Welcome, Muggles Tolerated’. This was hand drawn by me in pencil first using pictures on google for inspiration. Once I was happy with the design I then went over it with a black Sharpie pen and added details with the gold.

Sign on front door saying Wizards Welcome, Muggles tolerated, with 2 balloons above.

Elsewhere around the house we added some features from the film including a letter hanging from the fire (addressed to ‘Mr H Potter’) from the first film when his Hogwarts letter arrives. Die hard Harry Potter fans will realise I made a mistake here as I put the Privet Drive address on it but in the film its actually addressed to him in ‘The Cupboard Under The Stairs’. My bad!

envelope hanging from fireplace

We also added feather quills spray painted gold for phoenix feathers, spiders, a rat skeleton, a picture of Moaning Myrtle in the toilet and of course Harry Potter film music in the background.

Moaning Myrtle picture on the toilet for Harry Potter party

Every party needs some sort of entertainment and with 10 kids here for 3 hours I needed a few tricks up my sleeve! We started off with wand making. You can’t have a Harry Potter party without wands, right?! My children collected a load of sticks while out on a dog walk a few weeks before the party for this. We then used a glue gun to add decorative patterns to the sticks. Once the glue dried (which was much quicker than I expected), the kids spray painted them. We had silver, gold, black and yellow but you can use whatever colours you like. Personally I loved the gold. Brown would also work well. You could add little gems as well if you wanted to. See the party bag photo further down to see what they looked like when finished.

stick with glue on to make a wand at Harry Potter party

Next we played Harry Potter bingo. I printed this off for free from here: https://funmoneymom.com/harry-potter-bingo/ . A word of advice is print plenty of sheets of the Harry Potter head tokens as I didn’t print enough! Laminating the sheets means that these will last. We’ve played it at home lots of times since the party. Even my 2 year old can easily join in, he loves it! The prizes were a bag of gummy snakes and a bag of lightning bolt sweets which I found in Poundland.

Harry Potter party bingo sheets

By this time the kids were getting hungry so we settled down to some food. I did a mixture of party food buffet style on the table. This meant the kids could help themselves to whatever they liked. Generally I find this is the best way at parties, especially with any fussy eaters. I set the table to look like a banquet table in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I also put witches/wizards hats and school ties on the backs of the chairs for the kids to wear while they were eating. They had so much fun with them!

banquet table for a Harry Potter party theme

After some food we sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl with her Slytherin cake. The cake was made by Custom Cakes Didcot and tasted delicious!

Slytherin badge on brick cake

Now time for more fun, we stepped outside for a messy ‘Potion making’ class. I bought a pack of round plastic bowls in Poundland. At home I spray painted them black to make them look like cauldrons. Each one had a label with each child’s name on it so they could take their potions home if they wished. Our ‘potions class’ was making slime as this is hugely popular at the moment. I got the recipe off the internet but I must admit it wasn’t the best so I do suggest researching first. I printed the recipe using a design I made on Canva.

Slime potion recipe

We bought loads of different glittery glues in B&M so they could do different colours and experiment. It was good fun but very messy and I’m not keen on doing it again!haha!

Slime making at Harry Potter party

Once we’d cleaned up the potion making class we played a few games of ‘Pin The Scar On Harry’. I drew this using a plate as the template for Harry’s head and then added the hair and glasses. Each lightening strike has a child’s name on it so we could see who was closest to the scar. We had so much fun with this and my daughter has kept it in her bedroom!

Pin the scar on Harry Potter party game

Before heading home the kids had a little photo shoot in front of our Platform 9 3/4 back drop. The brick wall was made using sponges dipped in paint and printed on brown packaging paper. I hand drew the platform 9 3/4 sign using a Sharpie. It also now lives in my daughter’s bedroom. I borrowed the old trunk and bird cage from my parents and a plush owl to go in the cage. The Griffindor cloak I picked up for £1.50 from a charity! I do wish we’d had more cloaks and used the witches hats to dress up as well. Again this was a really simple way of setting the scene for the party and didn’t cost anything to make.

Harry Potter party back drop

The Harry Potter party bags were hand made by me using brown paper bags and coloured card. They contained:

  • a slice of birthday cake
  • the wands the kids made (with a label added from Ollivanders Wand shop)
  • popping candy
  • Harry Potter notebook, pencil and eraser (from B&M)
  • bag of chocolate coins with a Gringotts Bank label
  • Golden Snitch chocolate.

The Golden Snitch chocolates are white Lindt chocolate balls with card wings glued to the top. They looked so good and were so simple to do! The party bags went down an absolute storm. The little details made them really special.

Harry Potter party bag and contents

So there you have it, our Harry Potter party. Everything was done on a really tight budget, with most of the details hand made by me. It just goes to show that you can have a great party without spending a fortune. I think this is one the kids will remember for quite some time. My daughter certainly will. She says it was the best party ever!

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