Places To Visit In Berkshire

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Beale Wildlife Park

Beale Wildlife Park is a wonderful family friendly attraction in Berkshire with zoo, play areas, gardens and a miniature steam railway. Despite living just a few miles away I’m embarrassed …

Museum exhibition on metal detecting finds

West Berkshire Museum

The Living Rainforest

The Living Rainforest

Alpaca resident at Trindledown Farm

Trindledown Farm

Red kangaroo trampoline park Reading

UK Family Travel

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Butlins Minehead skyline pavilion

Butlins Minehead

If you’ve ever been on a Butlins holiday before you’ll know that they are the BEST holidays for kids. We’ve been to Butlins Minehead several times now and it’s still …

Weymouth Family Travel Guide

New Forest Family Travel Guide

Arts & Crafts

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2 card st georges day shields

St George’s Day Shield

Last weekend we made our very own knight’s shields as part of our St George’s Day celebrations. They actually turned out a lot better than I expected them to and …

Fingerprint Tree Craft

Toilet Roll Tube Crafts