Spy:Co Birthday Party

Glossy sheet with photos of suspects in mission 2 spy:co party package

We were very excited to be given the opportunity to try out a Spy:Co birthday party package.  With 4 kids I have hosted A LOT of birthday parties and attended many more over the years but I’ve never been to a spy party before.

Spy:co party packages are available in 2 recommended age bands: 6-9 years and 9-11 years.  They are designed to suit both boys and girls so are great for mixed parties.  We hosted a party with 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) aged 6-9 years in our home.  We invited our friends using a personalised video invitation from Octagon (head of spies) featuring a photo of Lois and Cody.  Very cool!

Spy:co agent manual. Black paperback booklet

The pack is sent to you in the post and contains an agent manual book and agent sticker for each child, suspect sheet, 10 clues and the grown-up’s instruction sheet.  You need to draw or print a map of the location you are using and mark the numbers where the clues are hidden.  You will also need access to a device that you can play videos and sound clips on (i.e. a laptop, tablet or smart phone).

Spy:Co party package bundle including clues, agent manuals, instructions,etc

At the start of the party the children are shown a video from Octagon, the head of spies, explaining the mission.  Our mission was to work out who stole Tutankhamun’s gold ring from the museum, where the children were being held captive and the code to release them.  It was very exciting!

children gathered round laptop watching Spy:Co mission video

The children raced around the house to find each clue.  Its important they find each clue in order and write the letter for their answer in the back of their manual.  This will become their code to free the captured children.  Some of the clues are sound clips which you need to be able to play.  If you will be somewhere without an internet connection make sure you download the videos and sound clips before the party.  The kids loved working as a team to solve the clues.

Children huddled on the floor solving clues at the Spy:Co party

Once the children have got their code and worked out who the suspect is they need to input this information to see if they were right.  Octagon (head of spies) will congratulate them on solving the mystery and they will watch a ‘live’ video of the children being rescued.  It’s so realistic the children at our party thought it was all real!  After watching the video the children receive a personal call from Octagon himself to congratulate them and ask how they got on with solving the clues.  They can ask him questions about Spy:Co HQ as well.  This was the highlight of the party.  The children were amazed that Octagon actually called them!  Hint to parents: Save the phone number he will call from on your mobile under the contact name ‘Octagon’ then leave your phone somewhere the kids will see it.  The gasps around the table when this happened at our party were brilliant!

Group of children with their Spy:Co agent manuals

I think the Spy:Co party packages are a brilliant idea for a party that’s different to the norm.  It’s super easy to set up and can be adapted to suit your group of children.  You can hold the party pretty much anywhere which makes it really versatile.  Perhaps you could coincide it with a soft play party or trip to a museum? (seek permission first of course).  You could really go all out with dressing up as spies and play spy themed music (there is a Spotify playlist provided by Spy:Co which is ideal).  Give the children black glasses/magnifying glasses/spy caps, etc as their party bag at the start of the party so they can get into character. In the agent manuals it tells you how to write secret notes with invisible ink and use secret codes etc so you could also set up some of these activities for them to do.  The prices for the packages start at £99 so it’s not the cheapest, however it is a brilliant party concept and I don’t think it’s too bad in terms of value for money.  There are more items being added to the packages including certificates and spy tattoos.  I am told these should be in place by Christmas.  I would definitely do one of these parties again!

If you’d like to know more please visit the Spy:Co website here: https://www.spyparty.co.uk/  and check out our YouTube video of the party below!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Spy:Co party package free of charge to carry out our review.  All words, photos and opinions are that of my own.

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