Fun Family Activities To Do At Home

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So the whole country is in lockdown, our usual family activities are cancelled, the weather is pants and we’re all feeling pretty down in the dumps, am I right? I know I’m really feeling it this time round. From what friends and family have said it seems like everyone else is finding this lockdown particularly hard too. We’re all worn out from this and wanting our lives back. It’s hard keeping the kids entertained at home yet again for weeks/months on end.

I hear you.

So. I have put together a list of fun family activities to do at home. I’m talking cinema nights, pantomime, day at the beach, the lot. Let’s all have fun making memories at home and doing those things we miss the most. See how many you can do!

Restaurante A La Casa

Restaurant dining in your own dining room! Get the kids to design the menus and decorate them to look like a proper restaurant menu. Maybe do them on the computer with pictures and photos then print them off. Set the table with your posh dinner set that only comes out when the in-laws are coming for dinner (we’ve all got one!), candlelit centre piece, atmospheric music in the background. Have everyone dress up in their finest clothes. Perhaps the kids could be the waiters?! Really go to town and cook yourselves some posh nosh (or get it delivered!).

Pirates Ahoy!

Dress up as pirates and go on a treasure hunt! Follow the map or solve the clues to find some buried treasure (got any chocolate coins left over from Christmas? Now’s the time to use them!). Set up the paddling pool and make the grown ups walk the plank!

Put On A Panto

Get the whole family involved with putting on a panto. Have everyone dress up in costumes and face paint and rehearse the show. Then perform it to relatives and friends via Zoom!

Family Bake Off

Lets face it, we all had plenty of practice baking in lockdown 1.0! Challenge everyone to make their very best baking creation with a time limit of say 2 hours. Deliver a slice of each creation to a nearby friend or relative to do the judging (and enjoy a tasty home made treat!).

homemade scones

Safari Walk

Set up a safari in the back garden or your living room using the kids animal toys. Have them collect their tickets then drive round on their ride ons, bikes, etc to see the animals.

Home Cinema

Make some proper popcorn, cheesy nachos and hot dogs then settle down to watch a family movie. Turn off all the lights to give it that cinema atmosphere.

Household Olympics

Set up your very own Olympics event around the house! See if you could each where clothes in the colours of your chosen country. How high can you jump over a broomstick laid across 2 dining chairs? How fast can you run 4 laps of the garden? How far can you throw a tennis ball? Keep track of your scores and have your gold medals ready (chocolate coins again?!). Get relatives to watch on Zoom and cheer you on!

Family Disco

Get your disco lights out or your Christmas fairy lights, turn up the music and dance the night away! We’ve got a disco light bulb which you just screw in to a normal light fitting and it works brilliantly. I paid less than a fiver for it in B&M ages ago but I’m sure they still stock them. Get some party food and snacks, maybe some glow sticks too. Great for a lockdown birthday!

Afternoon Tea

Bake your own scones, make some mini posh sandwiches and dress up in your fancy clothes. Use the china dinner set and have your own posh afternoon tea. Home made scones taste the best!

afternoon tea family activities at home

Legoland Miniland Build

My kids absolutely love Legoland and are desperate to go back. See if you can create your own version of Miniland using your kids Lego blocks. If your kids are aged 5-9 years then sign up for the free kids Lego magazine called Lego Life here: You could send in photos of your Miniland to be featured in the magazine!

Beach Day

Are you feeling brave? Bring the sand pit and paddling pool indoors and have a beach day! Play beach ball, build sandcastles, hunt for sea shells, enjoy an ice cream and of course have fish and chips for supper. Might as well get some use out of those swim suits before they outgrow them!

Ten Pin Bowling

Use water bottles or milk bottles to set up your own ten pin bowling alley. Remember to keep score to see who’s the winner!

Mad Scientist/Inventor

Have fun doing some science experiments or making your own inventions. There are plenty of science experiments you can do using every day household items or perhaps sweets! I find Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for this. You could also tie it in with some of the kids home learning work from school.


We had a carnival themed birthday party in the back garden for my daughter’s 10th birthday and it was great fun! Use the paddling pool (or bath!) for hook a duck. Bean bag target games, skittles, ring toss, welly wanging. We also set up a prize booth too! You can see how we did it in this post: Carnival Theme Birthday Party

hook a duck in the paddling pool. fun family activities at home in the garden.

Come Dine With Me

Each member of the family makes their own food course. This will of course depend on how many family members you have but you could include appetisers, tapas, starter, main, dessert, cheese board, coffee/drinks. Score each other after each course and see who gets the highest score to be crowned the winner!

If you have any more ideas to share please pop them in the comments box below. I’d love to hear them x

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