How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Valentine's Day chocolate hearts in a row

This year I’ve been wanting to start some new traditions with my kids. I want to make more of an effort celebrating occasions that we don’t usually bother too much about. As it’s my first Valentine’s Day as a single parent I’ve been looking for ideas to make it special.

Lois always gets really excited about Valentine’s Day (I’ve no idea why!).  I know she’ll be over the moon with what I’ve got planned.  Here are some ideas how to celebrate Valentines Day with the kids.

1. Homemade Cards

You can’t beat a homemade card can you? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out with the glitter and hearts. Perhaps they could make a card for a special friend, grandparent or other relative? Get creative.  Lianne from says her kids love to go over the top with lots of glitz on their homemade cards.

2. Tea Party

Claire over at Big Family Big Fun has suggested having a themed tea party.  I absolutely love this idea!!  I’ve decided a Mad Hatter’s style Valentines tea party would be amazing so I’m already starting to plan how to go about it.  There has to be scones and clotted cream involved!  Here’s the link to Claire’s tea party post:

Dining table laid out with red table cloth and tea party for Valentine's Day

3. Baking Treats

The lovely Kelly who you may know from says that her family enjoy baking treats together. Shes says “it’s so much fun doing things together and it cements our love for one another”.  If you’re having a tea party it would be great fun to get the kids involved in baking some treats.  Homemade always seem so much nicer than shop bought I find.

boy stiring mixture in bowl to bake Valentine's Day treats

4. Have a special dinner

Rather than baking, Eilidh and her children make their favourite dinner and sit down together to enjoy it.  I think this is lovely, especially if everyone gets dressed up in fancy clothes to make it extra special.  You can find Eilidh’s blog over at

5. Heart Shaped Crafts

There are loads of different crafts out there but I particularly love these heart shaped bird feeders by Charlotte’s family.  They look so cute and I’m sure the birds were super happy to be shown some love too!  You can find Claire’s post about them here:

Heart shaped bird feeder

6. Themed Food

Amanda has a few Valentine’s traditions with her children but I particularly like her idea of a special breakfast to start the day.  As it’s going to be a school morning this year we might not have time for that but I will put something special in Lois’s lunch box such as a heart shaped sandwich.  Amanda used cutters to make watermelon people and hearts for her twins!  You can find out about her other ideas in this post:

Watermelon people and hearts using cutters

If you’re got any more ideas please do share them in the comments below!  I’ve been pinning lots of things over on my Pinterest Valentine’s board so do pop over and check that out for more inspiration x

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