Mother’s Day Crafts

I don’t know about you but my favourite Mother’s Day gifts are always the homemade ones. I love all the hard work the kids put in and their sense of pride when they present me with their lovingly made gifts. A homemade gift is always completely unique so no-one else will ever have one the same as you. If it has their hand or footprints on that’s even better. Cuteness off the scale! Here are some fab Mother’s Day crafts for your little ones to do.

Twig Wrapped Plant Pots

Catherine from Growing Family has come up with these twig wrapped plant pots that I absolutely love! They’re so simple to make but look really effective. You can find out step by step how to make them here:

twig wrapped plant pot

Tissue Paper Flowers

Jane from Hodge Podge Days has made these amazing tissue paper flowers. They look so pretty and are surprisingly easy to make! Here are the instructions:

paper flowers for Mother's Day crafts

Tulip Handprint Cards

Jane has also made these cute handprint tulips to go on Mother’s Day cards. These are a lovely way of remembering how much your kids have grown each year. Here’s how to do it:

tulip handprint Mother's Day card

Duck Tape Plant Pot

Jenny from Gingerbread House has come up with the idea of brightening up boring plant pots using colored duck tape. I would also add some funky washi tape designs too.

Duck tape plant pot

Sharpie Pen Coasters

Josie from Me, Them And The Others has made these amazing sharpie pen coasters with her kids. I think these look fab and I love the fact they’re something that’s actually useful as well. Here’s what you need and how to to make them:

Sharpie pen drinks coasters

Thumbprint Flowers

I really like these cute little flowers and they’re super easy for younger kids to do too. Thumbs up from me! Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

thumbprint flowers for Mother's Day crafts

Flower Mother’s Day Card

Here’s another great craft for toddlers and younger kids to have a go at. Simply use the bottom of a plastic drinks bottle to stamp these cute flower designs. Add a button in the middle and you’ve got a super cute card. You could also use this technique to make wrapping paper! Find out how to do it here:

bottle print flowers on Mother's Day card

Tissue Paper Vase

Here’s a great way of using those empty glass sauce jars. These vases look super cute with all the pretty coloured tissue paper. You could put fresh cut flowers in the vase or make some artificial craft ones. Here are the instructions:

tissue paper glass jar vase for Mother's Day crafts

I hope you enjoy making these Mother’s Day crafts. If you are looking for gift ideas then check out our Oxfordshire Small Business Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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