St George’s Day Shield

2 card st georges day shields

Last weekend we made our very own knight’s shields as part of our St George’s Day celebrations. They actually turned out a lot better than I expected them to and the kids had a great time play acting with them out in the garden.

Shields were used by knights to protect themselves against their enemy’s weapons during battles. Traditionally shields would have the knight’s coat of arms on it and would be used as a way of identifying them or their rank. Shields were different shapes and sizes depending on their purpose.

We chose two different shapes for our shields. I can’t decide which one I like best as they both look good! To make sure they were symmetrical on both sides I drew the shape of the shield on one side of the piece of card then folded it over to cut it out.

Next we drew the border around the edge and then the cross in the middle. We coloured the borders silver/grey and then filled the cross in red. We chose to use sharpie pens as I love the bright vibrant colour from them but you could use paint, crayons, pencils or whatever you like.

colouring in St Georges shield with pens

Last of all we added a strip of cardboard to the back of the shields to help the kids hold them.

cardboard strap added to back of shields for grip

The shields are now ready for battle!

kids holding their st georges day shields

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