Toilet Roll Tube Crafts

As everyones been hoarding toilet rolls at the moment I figure we could definitely make use of them to entertain the kids. Here are some cool toilet roll tube crafts. Save your kitchen roll tubes too!


I absolutely love the amazing bugs that Rachel from Kids, Cuddles and Muddy Puddles made with her kids. So many different designs and they’re all full of character too. You could make a fun window or wall display with these or use them as puppets for a bug show.

Spring Chicks

These cute little spring chicks would be lovely to go with a little Easter gift or display. Wendy from Daisy And Pie has the instructions on how to make your own: Spring Chicks

Phone Holder

Emma at The Mini Mes And Me had the great idea of making a phone holder. You could decorate these however you like. Customise them to suit your room decor or perhaps your favourite character. Heres how she did it: Phone Holder

Bird Feeder

Emma also made these lovely bird feeders. These are great for encouraging birds to your garden. Give the kids a pair of binoculars and maybe even build a bird hide in the garden! You could make it out of a cardboard box or blankets, whatever you have available. Here are the instructions for making your bird feeder: Bird Feeder

Giraffe Marionette

I absolutely love these giraffe marionettes that Maggy at Red Ted Art made. The kids could have so much fun making up little shows with them! Super cute! Here are the instructions: Giraffe Marionette

Castle Desk Tidy

I remember making a desk tidy out of toilet roll tube myself when i was a child. You could do all sorts of different designs (I seem to remember seeing a rocket one?) but this castle one over at Red Ted Art is fab! Castle Desk Tidy

Lego Ninjago Characters

If your kids like Lego Ninjago then check out these super cool Ninjago characters made out of toilet roll tubes! I think they look great! Find the instructions here: Lego Ninjago Characters

If you have some more ideas then please share them with me in the comments below. Have fun!

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