Fingerprint Tree Craft

We tried out a fun craft activity today making fingerprint trees using our fingerprints for the leaves. We did a multi-coloured one and a pink blossom one. I’m so pleased with how they turned out I just had to share them!

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Black sharpie pen
  • Coloured paints
  • Water (to clean your fingers)

I drew the tree using a pencil first and then went over it with a black sharpie pen. You can do any tree design you like with as many branches as you like.

We put a dollop of each colour paint on a paper plate to dip our fingers in. We found it best not to have too much paint on your finger if you want to see the lines of your actual fingerprint so we did the first stamp on a spare plate to remove excess paint.

Stamp away all over the branches of your tree!

We added some grass at the bottom of our multi-coloured tree and some fallen blossom at the bottom of our blossom tree.

I can’t wait to get these framed and put up on the wall in our home!

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  1. Great idea and so simple, my daughter really enjoyed making a tree and playing with all the different colours

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