Make Maths Fun With Nerf Guns!

Bundle of Nerf gun bullets

I don’t know about you but trying to do maths with the kids while we’re home-learning is a bit of a nightmare! If you’re kids hate practising their times tables too then this maths game may just be exactly what you need.

First you need to make yourself the cards with a sum on them. I focused on the times tables the kids are currently learning at school first. As time goes on I’ll add more and more.

Next I made the number targets. I drew around some bowls from the kitchen. Then I used sharpie pens to colour them in so they are nice and bright. If you have a printer at home you can print some off if you prefer. In the middle of each target write the number answer to the sums.

Colourful number targets and time table question cards

Now put your targets up around the garden or on the walls wherever you are going to play the game.

Finally you are ready to play! Get the kids to load up their Nerf guns and chose their first sum. Once they’ve worked out the answer they have to find the target with the correct number on and shoot it with their Nerf gun!

Shooting a nerf gun target

You can set challenges such as how many they can get correct in 3 minutes, first to get the correct answers for 10 sums, etc to make it more exciting.

On days when we don’t want to get the Nerf guns out I lay the targets out on the table and they match the sums to the targets instead. This is a quick activity to set up and keeps them busy for a while.

Number targets laid out on the table for our times table maths game
Number targets laid out on the table with time table question cards matched to the correct number target

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Disclaimer: This post is not in any way endorsed by Nerf or any other company.

23 Comments on “Make Maths Fun With Nerf Guns!”

  1. I hate maths and love Nerf guns too, so I’m absolutely itching to give this a try with my son!

  2. Interesting and great idea. I like that kids are up and about while learning. So much learning happens when kids aren’t sitting at a desk or table.

  3. What a good idea. I’m a teacher so lovely to see people making learning fun and practical. I’m sure this will liven up home learning for many families!

  4. What an amazing idea! My son would love this and he hates maths! I find getting him interested in it is such a battle. I will have to give this a try. It could be a gamechanger!

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