Stone Age Learning Project

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During lockdown I’ve been home schooling Lois and Cody. Their school has been brilliant at providing them with plenty of work to complete via google classrooms. We’ve also done some activities of our own. Most recently one of their topics has been the Stone Age so I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve done.

First of all we used BBC Bitesize to watch some informative videos aimed at primary age children. We also researched Stonehenge and found some more information searching the web. Here are some useful links:

For our first piece of art work we made a fire using coloured paper. On the flames we wrote down things we had learned about the Stone Age.

Next we had a go at some cave paintings. We used natural coloured paints. We had tried to gather things on a woodland walk to use as our paints but unfortunately there weren’t any berries or anything useful. We hope to have better luck elsewhere though. We cut out our cave paintings and added them to our fire picture.

While out walking in the woods we gathered some stick and sharp pieces of stone. We used garden string to make our own Stone Age tools. These included a spear and a bow and arrow.

Soon we plan to make pictures of ourselves as cave person. We are going to use a photo of the kids faces and then they will draw round these to make their cave person. I’ll add a photo once we’ve done them!

Films related to the Stone Age:

  • The Croods (PG Dreamworks animation)
  • Early Man (PG Aardman animation)
  • The Flintstones (U animation)
  • The Good Dinosaur (PG Disney Pixar animation)

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