Avoca Mill

The Avoca handweavers mill is located in the beautiful village of Avoca right by the river.  This is where the company first started in 1723 and it remains the hub of the company today.   Nowadays, Avoca is not only known for it’s weaving but for its fantastic range of ceramics, candles, soaps and more.  They also have a chain of cafes and food products for sale in their stores.   The hugely successful Avoca fashion label all started from the mill in a tiny little village, all those years ago.  It’s quite a remarkable achievement!

The Avoca Mill is free for visitors to look round.  You can visit the small museum and learn the history of the family run company.

On our visit to the mill we really enjoyed watching one of the staff handweaving some gorgeous coloured yarns on the loom for Avoca’s trademark blankets.  They really are gorgeous blankets.   I could have bought one of each design in the shop!  The weaver was very informative.  He showed everyone what he was doing and explained the whole process of how the blankets are made.

We also had a look at the machines that are used as well to help with production.  These were not in use on the day we visited as it was a national bank holiday (so we discovered later on!) but during the week visitors can see these working as well.

Next to the mill is the shop which sells a huge range of Avoca goods.  Not just the blankets but stunning women’s coats, scarfs, hats, ceramics, etc.  It’s a designer label so not cheap but the quality is stunning.

Adjoined to the shop is the cafe selling lunches and teas.  Perfect for a little pit-stop, although we had already eaten so didn’t sample any of the food.  It was absolutely packed though so obviously very popular!

There is a little garden with picnic tables should you wish to take food with you.  It’s a lovely garden to relax in with a little stream running alongside it.  This is a lovely little place to pop in and visit for an hour or so.  It isn’t huge but has heaps of history and we enjoyed seeing the loom in action.

If you do visit we recommend tying it in with a stop at a nearby beauty spot called ‘The Meeting Of The Waters’.  This is where the Avonmore and Beg rivers meet and join to form the Avoca River.  It’s a stunning place to stop for a while and have a paddle in the water.

Disclaimer: Avoca Mill have had no involvement with this review and all words, photos and opinions are that of my own.

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