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free online learning resources for kids

Well folks we knew it was coming. Here we are back in lockdown again and home schooling the kids. I know a lot of parents are looking for free online learning resources to help with this so I asked my blogger mates for their suggestions. I’ve put together this huge list of resources and will continue adding to it as and when I find more. There’s some really brilliant resources I never knew about! Most of these are aimed at primary age but some may be suitable for other age groups as well.


  • White Rose Maths have a number of free maths resources for primary aged pupils. We used these in lockdown 1.0 and liked the fact there was a tutorial video to go with each piece of work.
  • The TT Rock Stars app is brilliant for helping kids learn their times tables. Admittedly this is not free. It costs £7.20 per year for the family subscription which gives access for 2 adults and 3 children. Check with your school if they already have the school subscription (ours does so we get free access). It’s well worth it in my opinion.
  • The Maths Factor by Carol Vorderman has a 21 day free trial available on the website (after that it costs £4.99 per month).
  • To help with times table and adding/subtracting etc why not have a go at making your own version of our Nerf Gun Maths Game? I came up with this idea in lockdown 1.0 to try and keep my son interested in learning his times tables. Find out how it works here:
Number targets laid out on the table with time table question cards matched to the correct number target


  • Heather has shared with me this brand new phonics resource launching on Friday (8th Jan 2021)
  • The Reading Eggs app is a really popular resource for teaching phonics and reading at primary school level. There is currently a free 30 day trail available on the website.
  • Scholastic are offering free downloadable learning packs to go with your children’s favourite Julia Donaldson story books. These are suited to 3-7 year olds and include Stick Man, Zog, The Highway Rat and more.



  • Chontelle has some fab free mini language courses available! There is Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and French. Click on the language to follow the links to each one.
  • The Duolingo app is amazing for learning languages. We have used it previously for practicing Spanish. There are loads of languages on there to choose from.


  • We can’t mention PE without including the brilliant Joe Wicks Bodycoach can we?! PE With Joe is back on his YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. Each session is 20 minutes long and a great start to the day. The videos are available after the live on his YouTube channel so don’t worry if you miss it.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is another brilliant online class for kids. Follow the yoga instructor off on an exciting interactive journey. There are so many different themed classes to choose from!

A Bit Of Everything!

  • Twinkl is an absolutely incredible website with the most amazing amount of free resources I’ve ever seen. They literally have something to cover just about everything and for all age groups too! Cannot recommend this website enough!
  • Vikki from has been home schooling for years and highly recommends Khan Academy. “They provide excellent and in depth lessons on many different subjects to cater for most year groups.”
  • Family Days Tried And Tested author Deborah has this fantastic list of virtual tours for museums, art galleries, historical buildings, etc. You can go on a field trip without even leaving your front room!
  • BBC Bitesize is very well known for their vast number of online learning videos and activities. These are for all age groups and cover just about everything you could possible need.
boy sat at table using buttons for math work

For Little Ones

  • Chontelle from Mum’s Little Explorers has some great scavenger hunt printables for younger children. They cover nature, colours, shapes and more. You can find them here:
  • Rowena from has recommended the Orchard Toys website (we LOVE Orchard Toys educational games – they are brilliant!). “They have daily activity sheets which have been amazing! They have lots of different activities from phonetics and craft to maths. Plus there’s plenty that kids can do on their own if you have to work. Also kids look forward to the different activity each day whilst there’s a library of previous activities. It’s been brilliant for my son age 4 who is in reception class.”
  • Cbeebies have some fantastic children’s shows that are great for teaching little ones numbers, phonics, geography, etc. There are also some activities and games on their website to have a go at too or download the app.

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