Wychwood Wild Garden

ducks and the water channel flowing from main pond down to lily pond

Wychwood Wild Garden is a stunning place hidden in the woodlands of Shipton-Under-Wychwood. The Garden dates back to the 1860s and cover 12.5 acres of ponds and woodlands. The Garden is a haven for wildlife, in particular ducks and birds.

willow tree over the pond at Wychwood Wild Garden

We parked on Dog Kennel Lane which is at the rear of Wychwood Wild Garden. Follow the stone wall to the end and you find the entrance gate. The main pond is huge and has a beautiful willow tree sprawling over the edge. The pathways are lined with many other trees and the colours are amazing. It’s a really stunning place for a walk. I will certainly go back again in the Autumn to see the orange and reds of the leaves.

ducks and the water channel flowing from main pond down to lily pond

The second pond is a large round lily pond. This is very popular with the ducks and certainly a lovely spot to sit and have a picnic.

Between the ponds are channels with little water falls which look so pretty. They also provide great amusement for the kids who enjoyed racing leaves along them. The channels continue right the way down through the woods. It really is beautiful, especially in Spring!

Water channel through the woods at Wychwood Wild Garden

In the woods are plenty of branches for building dens and logs to climb on. It really is a natural playground. My big kids had a great time climbing around and exploring.

kids laid on fallen tree trunks

Likewise, the dog had a great time too. She did make a huge error of judgement though by leaping into one of the water channels in the woods, not realising how deep it was. She took me completely by surprise and I nearly ended up in there with her. Thankfully as she was still attached to the lead I was able to pull her out, only to slip on the wet mud and go flying! Poor Baby Bear who was in his carrier on my back had a shock but was unhurt. Secondly, at the exact same time Big Boy tried to jump down from a tree only to get his sleeve caught on a branch and was stuck there hanging by his arm. It was like something from a Carry On film! Note to self – next time wear welly boots and don’t take kids or the dog. I’m kidding.

The Verdict

The Garden is open 24/7 and is suitable for pushchairs and dogs on leads. It is also free of charge to visit. Most importantly, please do not allow children or dogs to go in the ponds as this can damage the lining. It’s a stunning place for a walk and so lovely to explore. To sum up, I highly recommend it for all ages.

Facilities Checklist

  • Toilets / Disabled Toilet No
  • Pushchair / Wheelchair Friendly  Yes
  • Disabled Access The paths in some areas are a little tricky but on the whole its fine for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
  • Dog Friendly  Yes on a lead
  • Refreshments available  No. Burford or Shipton shops/eateries a few minutes away.
  • Car Park No. Park along Dog Kennel Lane.
  • Gift Shop  No
  • Baby facilities No

Address: Dog Kennel Lane, Shipton-Under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire

Price Band: £0

Website: https://www.wychwoodwildgarden.org.uk

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