What Gifts Do The Teachers Really Want?

Teacher thank you gifts

It’s that time of year where school is drawing to a close for Christmas and parents everywhere are frantically trying to come up with something nice for the kids to give their teachers as a Christmas gift.  Let’s be honest.  There are only so many mugs and tins of chocolates/biscuits that one person could possibly need, right?  I decided rather than just taking a wild guess I would actually ask my friends who are teachers/TAs what they would really like to receive……….

The almost unanimous answer was: Wine!!

It seems they are all desperate for a drink after looking after our little monsters darlings – can’t say I blame them!  One thing I will say is make sure that the teacher does actually drink before buying wine.  As my children go to a Church of England school a number of teachers there do not drink.  If they love tea or coffee perhaps a jar of fancy coffee or posh tea bags with some luxury biscuits would be an ideal alternative?

Homemade edibles also seem to be very popular, whether its chutneys, cookies, cakes,etc.  We made homemade Toblerone fudge last year and that went down a storm!  If you know they are slimming or watching their weight then a fruit hamper can be an equally nice gift wrapped in cellophane with a big bow.

Some love to receive smellies but this doesn’t work for everyone due to skin conditions, so best to check first.  Alternatively, go for a high street voucher so they can choose something for themselves.

Above all else though the number one answer from every single person I asked was that they love to receive a handwritten note or homemade card/drawing from the child.  These are the most appreciated gifts and the ones that are treasured and kept for years.  I myself as a swimming teacher keep all the cards and drawings children give me.  It has so much more meaning than any gift that can be bought in the shops, so get the pens and paper out!

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One Comment on “What Gifts Do The Teachers Really Want?”

  1. This is a great post! Your friend definitely got this spot on! Little homemade notes or a lovely genuine card with an expression of Thanks are totally all I need and are my favourite. I love receiving gifts but never want children or parents ever to feel that they have to or go to any trouble or expense.
    I love receiving a bottle of wine and the longer I’ve been teaching the quicker they seem to disappear ??. One of the gifts that have really stuck with me was a little envelope with a few seeds in, the envelope said “plant these seeds and watch them grow and think of me”.

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