My Christmas Wish List

Christmas tree and decorations around the fireplace

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I’ve seen loads of Christmas gift guides recently for kids, teens, tech lovers, travellers, etc,etc and there have been some fab ideas on them.  I don’t normally write a Christmas wish list as there’s rarely anything I want or need.  Having read so many gift guides this year though I have a few ideas in mind that I would love!  So here is my very own Christmas wish list (family members take note 😉 )

  • Notebooks and pens.  As a keen writer and list maker I don’t think you can ever have too many notebooks or pens.  I have all different ones for different things.  Work book, my blog notes/ideas book, photography notes, bucket list book,  plus a few for random things.  I’ve nearly filled some of them though so will soon need a couple of new ones to replace them!
  • Large world travel scratch map.  I’ve always loved the idea of having a large map on the wall where we could somehow mark the countries we have visited and this is perfect!  You scratch off the countries you’ve been to so they appear on the map in colour.  You can then see at a glance which countries you are yet to visit.  I LOVE it!  So I’ll have the XL version for my living room wall please, thank you very much 😉


  • An ND filter for my camera.  You know those stunning photos you see where the waterfalls or streams are blurred and it looks like a time lapse?  Well basically thats down to an ND filter.  I’d love to be able to capture images like that.
  • New camera bag.  I currently have a padded backpack style camera bag which has a lower section with extra padding specifically for camera equipment and an upper section for carrying all your other bits and pieces (purse, phone, etc).  It’s starting to fall apart after so much use though so I could really do with another one.

  • Bottle of Baileys.  Because you can simply never have enough Baileys.
  • Chocolates. Because, again, you can never have enough chocolate! My faves are Guylian seashells and Lindt reindeer or red balls.  Yummy!
  • A new set of saucepans.  Very exciting!

So there you have it. My Christmas wish list for 2017.  Whats on your list?

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