A different kind of Advent calender

We are all very familiar with the usual chocolate advent calendars and the various other ‘toy’ style advent calendars that are out there these days.  We have the usual chocolate ones here but what about trying out an ‘alternative’ advent with different challenges set for each day as random acts of kindness?  Here are some of my ideas but feel free to add your own in the comments section below.  Lets use Advent to spread some festive cheer 🙂

  1. Make a Christmas card for your neighbour.
  2. Donate some food to your local food bank.
  3. Make cookies for Santa
  4. Sort through your toys and donate any you no longer play with to the local childrens hospital.
  5. Play with someone at school who you wouldn’t usually play with
  6. Write a thank you note to the dustbin men
  7. Give a blanket or jumper/coat to a homeless person.
  8. Call an elderly relative and sing a Christmas carol to them down the phone.
  9. Fill a jar with 20 notes of things you love about someone and give it them as a gift
  10. Take some cakes to a local home for the elderly and spend some time chatting with them
  11. Draw a picture for your club instructor
  12. Make a bird feeder and put some water out for them
  13. Make a bookmark and hide it in a library book for the lucky reader to find
  14. Make your own wrapping paper using brown packaging paper and stamps/paints
  15. Buy a homeless person a hot drink
  16. Donate unwanted books to your doctors surgery or a family in need.
  17. Give a homeless person a £5/£10 gift card to buy what they need
  18. Go caroling to friends and relatives
  19. Hand out flowers in a shopping centre
  20. Write a note of encouragement to a classmate who is struggling
  21. Deliver a surprise secret gift to someone you know.
  22. Write a letter to someone who lives far away
  23. Hide encouragement quotes for strangers to find
  24. Message a friend you haven’t seen in a while to let them know you are thinking of them

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?  What ideas can you think of?  Share them with me in the comments section below x

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