Surviving A Heatwave With Kids

So we’ve got a random heatwave sweeping across this weekend. I don’t know about you but I hate the heat and I’m really not a sun worshiper at all. I’m more the person that looks like a lobster no matter what they do. So this weekend we’ll be pretty much hiding indoors. Here are my top tips for surviving a heatwave with kids:

  • Keep your windows and doors closed during the day. So many people make the mistake of opening all the windows to let the air flow but actually during a heatwave all you’re doing is letting hot air in. Keep them closed until the evening when it’s much cooler. Then fling them open and let the air circulate. Often there’s a good breeze to cool the bedrooms down before bedtime.
  • Keep curtains closed. This keeps the sunlight and heat out so the house stays nice and cool. It honestly makes a massive difference. Our house was lovely and cool last time we had a heatwave despite it being over 30 degrees outside.
  • Get up early if you plan to exercise or have a dog to walk. Avoid walking a dog between 10am-6pm on a hot day. They overheat very quickly with all their fur. Put your hand on the pavement to check it’s not too hot before taking them outside. If it’s too hot for your hand then it’s too hot for their paws. Emily from suggests taking a late evening walk instead. I love to watch the sun set on evening walks.
  • Place a plastic bottle full of frozen water in front of your fans. It cools the air being blown by the fan.
  • Keep well hydrated. Fill up water bottles and keep them in the fridge. There’s nothing better than a nice cool drink. Juicy fruits from the fridge such as melon, oranges, etc also help.
  • Anna from suggested buying little toys such as army me, mini animals, etc. Put them in a cup and fill it with water, then pop them in the freezer. Once frozen, pop them out of the cup and let the kids have fun trying to break the ice to get to the toys.
  • My kids love to have water fights on a hot day. We’ve found water pistols are really unreliable though. Claire from Red Kite Days has come up with these fab sponge water bombs to use instead
  • Sleep downstairs. If you’re bedrooms are warm then set up camp in the living room and sleep downstairs. If you’ve got a basement then even better. Heat rises so it’s generally warmer upstairs.
  • Put babies to bed in just their nappies, kids in just their underwear. The less they are wearing the better. There’s nothing worse than overheating in the night or trying to strip them off when they’re asleep. You can always add a lightweight blanket or sheet if they feel too cool later on.
  • Emma who blogs at recommends placing bedsheets in a freezer bag in the freezer. Take them out and put on your bed. They will be nice and cool when you go to sleep. I’ve never tried this before!
  • Vikki from says that after so much time spent in Valencia they’ve learned to take a nap or just relax in the heat of the afternoon. Siestas are definitely the way to go!
  • If all else fails a bag of frozen peas sat on your head or back of your neck is amazing! Cooled me right down during the last heatwave.

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