YippieYo Crossbuggy

Yippieyo on gravel

We were thrilled to receive our crossbuggy from YippieYo in July and immediately starting putting it through its paces.  This buggy is a complete game changer when it comes to off-road travel with little ones in tow.  It looks very similar to the type of buggy you attach to the back of a bike, except this one has  a handle for you to pull them along like a trailer.   It came all the way from Switzerland and won an impressive 5 star Best Buggy award for its innovative design!

A Little More About The Design

The YippieYo crossbuggy can carry 2 children up to a maximum total weight of 40kg and uses a 5 point harness adjustable seatbelt, similar to that of  a car seat, to keep children secure (expertly modeled by Cody in the pic below!).  The seats are padded and very comfortable, as are the side panels.  They are an easy-to-clean fabric which is dirt and water-resistant.  Very useful for when you go through muddy fields and puddles or if the kids have been eating snacks during their ride.  The seat covers are removeable so you can clean them or even swap for another colour if you’d like to customise!  The footplate is solid metal so no need to worry about muddy boots getting it grubby.  The solid frame of the seat and side panels means that nothing can poke through such as brambles, etc and hurt the child in any way.


The handlebar has a brake on it which we’ve found very useful when going downhill!  You can also purchase separately little torch lights which clip on to the handlebar and back of the buggy so it can be seen in low light.  Especially useful for when we are away camping.

The YippieYo crossbuggy design means that it is very low to the ground giving it a low centre of gravity which means it doesn’t tip up on its side even on bumpy terrain.  The suspension and tyres are designed for shock absorbing so bumps are very minimised.  In fact I have pulled Cody along over quite rough pavements which he can’t ride his scooter over and he pointed out to me that in the crossbuggy he couldn’t feel the bumps at all.  Even curbs on the edge of the road are no trouble to pull this up and down over.

cody pulling the yippie yo

On the back of the buggy is a luggage rack with a bungee clip which is really handy for attaching camping chairs or a picnic bag, etc.  This also acts as an anti-tip device as it prevents the buggy from being able to tip up.  You can also purchase separately a very handy satchel which clips on to the built in clips on the back of the buggy.  We’ve managed to fit a large number of items in there including a picnic, purse, phone, keys, wet wipes, etc with no problems at all.  It clips off easily to be carried away as a shoulder bag.  Such a simple effective design!

The wheels are specially made so they are solid rather than with spokes such as a bicycle wheel.  This means that fingers can’t get caught in them.  Again an excellent design feature which I wouldn’t have even thought about!  They pop off the sides of the crossbuggy at the push of a button so you can remove them and fold the buggy down flat for storage or putting in the car.  You’d think it would take up a large amount of space but it really does fold down incredibly flat once the wheels are taken off and handle folded over.  The back of the seat also folds down flat making it very compact.  During our trip to Ireland we put it in the boot along with 2 large suitcases, 1 large holdall and numerous over bags, coats, etc and were still able to have the boot security cover pulled across and door shut easily.

So What Do We Think?

One question a lot of people have asked me is ‘Is it heavy to pull?’  The answer is no.  The frame is made from lightweight aluminium and as you pull it rather than push it almost glides along on its own with the momentum of moving forwards.  Even with both Lois and Cody in there our 10 year old Lilian was able to pull them along happily.  The only time you can feel the weight a bit is going uphill but I think that’s the same with any buggy/trailer/wheelchair, etc and due to this being designed for all-terrain use it really isn’t too difficult.  I think the seat being so close to the ground and having a low centre of gravity also really helps.


So what are the downsides?  Well one (as we discovered in Ireland with it’s incredibly changeable weather!) is that the crossbuggy doesn’t have a raincover.  This is perhaps something to look into developing as I think it is the main negative point for this really which would hold people back from purchasing one.  Having said that though, we were armed with wellies and raincoats and the motto of ‘There’s no such thing as poor weather, only poor clothing’. 

cody sat in the yippie yo

The other possible negative (depending on your budget) is the price.  These don’t come in cheap with models starting at £490 without the added extras of the bag and lights.  However, if this is something you are likely to get a lot of use out of it is well worth the investment.  I think it needs to be looked at in the same way as a travel system which you would purchase when your baby is born to the last the first couple of years.  They are often in the same sort of price range and for me this would be the next stage up when your tot is starting to outgrow their pushchair but is still too young to manage long walks.

For us the YippieYo crossbuggy has been brilliant as Cody is far too big (and heavy!) for a stroller but he is also only young and can’t manage to walk for miles like the rest of us when we are visiting National Trust sites, camping in the New Forest, etc, etc.  This buggy has allowed us to continue enjoying exploring great places without having to worry about how far we can go or how much we can carry – it all gets piled on the buggy!  The lightweight design is brilliant and I am sure we will be using this for a long time to come!

If you would like to know more about the YippieYo crossbuggy or are interested in purchasing one, please click on the following link: https://yippieyo.com

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