PitPat Dog Fitness Tracker Review

PitPat device on dogs collar surrounded by fur

We’ve recently been kindly gifted a PitPat dog activity tracker for Willow to try out. Similar to a human fitness tracker, the PitPat monitors activity, rest time, calories burned, distance covered and more. Its a small, lightweight device that attaches to you dog’s collar using a velcro strap. You download the free app on to your phone and all the data is right there at your finger tips.

The device itself is just 32mm and weighs a tiny 16 grams. It has a replaceable battery inside which lasts for a minimum of 1 year so you don’t need to worry about charging it. The PitPat is waterproof (which I’m very grateful for after Willow dived into a stream with it on!) and dust proof. It connects to the app on your phone using bluetooth and also comes with a full 1 year warranty. Better still, it’s designed and made right here in the UK!

PitPat in it plastic case packaging laid on grass

I was a little worried the PitPat might irritate Willow on her collar or be uncomfortable. In all honesty though I don’t think shes even noticed it! She hasn’t once scratched at her collar or shown that its bothered her in any way at all. Despite the speeds she runs at, the jumping around she does and the swimming in streams, the PitPat has stayed firmly attached to her collar using the velcro strap provided.

The data showing Willow’s activity on the app looks really accurate from what I can tell. I can see when she’s woken up in the morning by looking at the time that she’s moved. I can also ensure she’s getting enough exercise for her breed and age which is so important. You can monitor your dog’s weight on the app too. Multiple dogs can be added on to the app if you have multiple devices for them. You can also have multiple family members access the data.

PitPat dog activity data on the app

Another thing I love on the app is that your dog earns badges each time they reach a certain distance. For example Willow’s first badge was ‘a lap of Stonehenge (0.3 miles)’. I think it’s a really cute touch.

You can choose to join PitPat Life which costs £3.99 per month. On this you can earn points by weighing your dog, walking, reaching targets, etc and then convert your points to prizes. The prizes include dog toys and human goodies too. Your membership also gives you free 24 hour access to UK qualified video emergency vets as well as extended warranty on your PitPat device, free replacement batteries and velcro straps, free loss/damage protection and more. This is completely optional and not necessary to use your device or access your dogs data but its there as an extra if you want it.

So why use a PitPat? It’s a great way of keeping track of your dog’s weight and exercise. This is particularly useful if your dog has a weight issue which needs close monitoring or is recovering from surgery and needs limited exercise. Many vets are now recommending PitPat devices for exactly those reasons. If you have different family members or perhaps a dog walking service walking your dog for you it will help you keep track of how much exercise they are getting. On top of that, it’s actually just simply fun and interesting! Much like a human activity tracker!

Dog stood in stream soaking wet

I’ve really enjoyed seeing how the PitPat works and monitoring Willow’s activity data. I’m impressed with how robust the device is. Willow is incredibly active and has been jumping around, diving into streams, etc, yet the device has stayed firmly attached and still looks brand new. The data appears to be accurate and it takes a matter of seconds to update on the app by simply clicking the button on the device. I’m very impressed and highly recommend it. If you’d like to find out more or purchase one your self then check out their website here: https://www.pitpat.com/

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Disclaimer: We were gifted the PitPat device free of charge in order to carry out this review. All photos, words and opinions are that of my own.

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