Book Review ‘Mindfulness For Parents’

mindfulness for parents

Mindfulness is quite a new concept to me. It is rising in popularity due to the focus on mental health. There are also lots of ‘mindful’ colouring books on sale everywhere.  It is a concept I have been quite keen to learn more about, so when the opportunity arose to review Amber Hatch’s new book ‘Mindfulness For Parents’ I couldn’t wait to get started.

The meaning of mindfulness is being focussed on the present moment rather than allowing your mind to wander on to other things. We’re all guilty of thinking about what to cook for dinner, shopping list, etc.  It is about appreciating every detail of what is going on around you and soaking it up, unhindered by life’s worries and woes.

The author Amber Hatch is a mother herself, as well as a childminder, teacher and author.  She has been practicing Buddhist meditation for several years. This book is not about ramming Buddhism in your face, but it draws on the teachings of Buddha and how those teachings can be used in mindfulness.  It is a fascinating insight into the history of a practice that has actually been used for many years but is more recently becoming very popular.

Mindfulness for parents

The book is bigger (in terms of having more pages) than I had anticipated. It is crammed full of useful information and ideas. There are testimonies from parents who are actively striving to use mindfulness practices in their everyday life.  One thing I found really great about this book is that each chapter is split into smaller paragraphs or blocks of text. This makes it easy to dip in and out of or read short bursts (because of course the best way to get your kids attention is to sit down looking comfortable!).  The chapters are well planned out so you can choose to read the bits that are most relevant to you. For example, you might not want to read the section about mindfulness in the early weeks with a newborn if your kids are already school age.

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