Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel – Book Review

Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel book

I must confess I am usually more of a dog person but for any cat lovers out there Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel is fab! It’s written by the hotel’s resident cat Archie who spills the beans on the goings on at the cat hotel while humans aren’t looking. 

The description of the book on the back page reads:

‘Congratulations! You have just found the best cat book ever written. I’m Archie and I am a ginger cat and the manager at the most incredible hotel just for cats. I’ve written this book so humans get to meet me and my guests as we get up to all sorts at night including cat rodeo, cat casino night, cat sailing and even skiing. I can’t wait for you to meet my guests and get to know their real personalities, not to mention my team, which includes Dan and Louis the horses and my three faithful hounds Buddy, Dougy and Alfie. Get ready for the read of your life. ‘

Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel front cover
Front cover

As you can probably tell from that, the story is full of humour written from the cat’s point of view. It has good sized text and chapters, making it a great book for young readers.  It’s light-hearted and funny and any animal lovers will really enjoy it.  In the first few pages are some photos of the characters which really brings them to life and helps the reader to picture what’s happening in the story.

Lois reading book

The best bit about this book is that it’s actually based on a real life cat hotel which the author runs as a business.  And of course a real life cat called Archie lives there! The Lawlor Cat Hotel is based in Essex and opened in 2016.  You can visit their website to see the cat suites and it really does have a cat spa! Amazing!!

author Jane Lawlor
Author Jane Lawlor

You can buy the kindle edition or paperback of Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel via the Amazon (*affiliate) link here: Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel

Disclaimer: we were sent a free copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions remain that of my own. 

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