Advice For New Parents in Those First Few Weeks

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I’m just over 2 weeks away from my due date and it’s got me thinking back to those early newborn days with my older children.  I remember with my firstborn feeling totally overwhelmed by everything. 

I was the first one in my friendship group to have a baby so didn’t have anyone to turn to.  It was really quite daunting.  Looking back now and after having our second child I’ve learned so much.   Here some of my blogger friends have shared their advice for new parents on how to get through those first fragile weeks with you newborn.

Newborn baby Lois

“Batch cook meals and put them in the freezer so you have healthy things to eat at a convenient time but quickly too.”  Lianne from

“Buy a thermos mug.  You won’t get a hot drink without one!  And put a hairband round the wrist of the side you last fed from.  I could never remember!” Claire from Https://

“Don’t be disappointed when all the visits from people stop.  Everyone loves seeing a newborn and you will have lots of offers for babysitting but everyone has their own lives to be getting on with and the visits become few and far between.  Nothing personal.  Get yourself out the house to socialise!”  Bethanie from

“Know that it will probably be really hard and at times overwhelming – but it does get easier. Every week that goes by you will feel more and more confident.”  Kate from

“Take each day as it comes. Some days you’ll be full of beans and want to get out and about and other days you’ll be shattered and want to veg out on the sofa all day. Just do what you need to do.”  Emma Reed at

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“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone is waiting patiently to give you a hand but not wanting to step on your toes, visitors will happily make you a cup of tea instead of the other way round, or wash up a few dishes on the side.  New mums need to rest and not expect to be supermum.”  Mandi from

“Stock up on snacks for night time feeds! Little chocolate definitely helped my sleep deprived body to stay awake! ”  Raimonda from

“Forget the idea of perfection. Relish the time you can grab for yourself and make sure you take lots of photos WITH YOU IN THEM. You may think you look a mess but you will one day cherish those pics.”  Natasha from

“Get some breakfast-type snacks upstairs for your other children (if they’re too young to do stuff themselves) to have straightaway so there’s no pressure to get downstairs quickly. I still give my three year old a pot of dry shreddies upstairs whilst I sort out the twins. When they were tiny it could take 2-3 hours (three under 2.5 is time consuming!)before we were all dressed and ready to go downstairs so this keeps hanger at bay. Oh and wet wipes in every room, and definitely a nappy/sacks/wipes stash both upstairs and downstairs. ”  Helen from

“Everyone will have an opinion about how to care for your child. They’ll tell you how you should lay them, feed them, what helps them sleep, what doesn’t and such. Listen but learn to accept your gut. Every child is different, do what you need to get by and don’t worry or feel guilty if other people’s advice just doesn’t work for you.”  From

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“Get out to baby and toddler groups if you can. Being a new parent can make you feel a little isolated sometimes. Getting out and socialising for a couple of ours each day makes the world of difference.”  Carla-Marie from

“Try not to expect to be back to your pre-pregnancy self too quick. It takes time to heal and that is hard to do while also caring for a brand new baby. Just take the time to be with your baby and relax as much as possible.”  Leah from

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