10 Reasons You Need A National Trust Membership

You will have seen on many of my posts that we are National Trust members.  We’ve been making great use of our membership over the summer with loads of fab free days out, including several during our Northern Ireland tour.  Here are our top 10 reasons you should have a National Trust membership.

  1.  You are helping towards the upkeep of hundreds of important heritage sites across the UK including monuments, castles, coastlines, nature reserves, manor houses, art collections and historical artifacts.    The upkeep for all of these is over £100 million a year and the National Trust is a charity which relies entirely on donations to afford this – your membership is part of that!

2. There are so many places to visit you can never get bored.  Unlike a lot of annual passes that cover just one venue, this one covers 100s of venues!  There are so many different places to explore all over the UK you are bound to find several nearby wherever you are.

3.  Car parking is included.  At many sites you have to pay for the car park but with a membership this is included.  Even some car parks on the coast are included so you can visit the beach for free.

4.  There are loads of special events that you can enter for free. Just last week we went to a 1940s living history weekend at Hughenden Manor.  We saw skirmish re-enactments, weapon demonstrations, dancing, music, Punch and Judy shows, vehicles from the era, living history camps and a flypast by a hurricane and spitfire, all included in our membership.

5.  All the sites are very family friendly so they are perfect for a family day out.  Many have children’s guides and trails to follow as well as play areas and activities aimed at younger visitors.  The National Trust has a booklet for children called ’50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4′ which has a great checklist of activities for the kids to tick off including den building, climb a tree, play conkers, explore a cave, etc.  These are given out free of charge at many sites and you can earn stickers for doing any of the activities during your visit.

6.  There are many beautiful gardens, nature reserves, coastal areas, etc to walk in and enjoy the fresh air.  We’ve found that even if you go to the same place on a regular basis it still changes every time with the seasons.  Each site is completely different at different times of year so there is always something new to see.  Make the most of being out in the great British countryside and get fit at the same time.

7.  If you are a bit of a  foodie (we certainly are!) there are loads of great tea rooms and cafes with lovely homemade goodies.  As well as this there are a lot of sites which hold food related special events such as harvest festivals and cooking demonstrations.

8.  You can take part in helping conserve these special places by volunteering.  Did you know you and the kids can help re-chalk White Horse Hill?  How cool would it be to drive past the iconic landmark and be able to say ‘I helped chalk that!?!

9.  You’ll get to try out all kinds of things you’ve never even thought of!  Have you ever tried using a traditional apple press?  Or climbed to the top of a lighthouse? Written a poem using a quill and ink? Dressed up as a medieval princess or a Victorian detective?  There are so many different things to do at each individual site and so much to learn.

10.  You will bring the family closer together.  It sounds like a bit of a cliche but enjoying time out together away from screens and every day life really does bring you closer as a family.  There’s a lot to be said for going back to basics, from a simple walk around a beautiful garden to exploring a more adventurous setting. We love our family adventures!

So there you have it, our top 10 reasons, but the benefits are endless. If we have inspired you to look into membership for your family then please take a look at the National Trust website for all the details https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/

Please note we are in no way affiliated with the National Trust. 





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  1. I love the National Trust and we used to be members. Will have to sign up again soon. I didn’t realise you could help re-chalk White Horse Hill my boys would love that.

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