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Funky Teapot

My children were lucky enough to be given a voucher for The Funky Teapot for Easter, so last week we made use of it.  It was a cold wet day when we wanted an indoor activity to do.  Like all kids, mine love making things but I hate having to deal with all the mess, so this was the perfect solution!

We arrived on Monday morning and were straight away in awe of the lovely display window.  It is full of gorgeous creations and gift inspiration.  We were greeted by a friendly member of staff who showed us round and the children chose what they wanted to paint.  We opted for a Christmas decoration each which can be hung on the Christmas tree and treasured for years to come.  There is a huge assortment of things to paint ranging from £2 upwards.  Items include money boxes, ornaments, plates, vases, etc.  I was really impressed by the variety and there were so many ideas of how to paint them.  Lots of great keepsakes for babies using their hand and foot prints as well as family gifts.

After choosing our ornaments we were seated at a table and shown how to use the paints.  The member of staff gave helpful advice on which colours work well for each character but the children had free reign to choose whatever colours they liked and they set to work.

One thing I really like about the studio is the size of it and how bright it is.  There are tables set up ready for painting and as it’s all on street level so you can easily take pushchairs in there.  It is lovely and light so you can clearly see all the details on your item as you paint it.  Once the children had finished painting the member of staff dried their ornaments using a drying machine.

With the ornaments now dry the children were given a special pencil to use to write their names on the back and the year.   Lets face it, without that in 10 years time when they are still being hung on the tree we’ll all be bickering over when they made them!  We were told the ornaments would then be glazed and put in the kiln.  They are fired for 24 hours at a temperature of 1000ºC!!!!

As the firing process takes some time the staff recommend collecting your item/s the following week.  If you have something you need done urgently though just ask them and they may be able to get it ready for you quicker.  We went back to collect ours a week later and they look fab!  We cant wait to add some ribbon to them and hang them on the Christmas tree.  I am sure they will be treasured for years to come.  At only £5 each I think they are a brilliant keepsake as well as a lovely morning activity to enjoy and remember.  I really recommend this place, especially with kids as it’s so easy to get pushchairs in there if you want baby items. Also it’s such an enjoyable experience for anyone of any age.  They even do ladies nights, birthdays and hen parties!  Parking is in the Sainsburys car park literally just around the corner which is free. Its a 2 minute walk – if that.  This was the perfect rainy day activity and the kids cant wait to go again!

Address: Grove Street, Oxfordshire, OX12 7Ab

Price Band: £-£££


Disclaimer: The staff at The Funky Teapot have had no involvement in this review and all photos, words and opinions are that of my own.

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