Crocodiles Of The World

Crocodile laid in the water

Address: Burford Road, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, OX18 3NX

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Crocodiles Of The World is a crocodile zoo which was first opened in 2011 by Shaun Foggett.  Shaun opened the zoo after his own crocodile collection outgrew his home!  3 years later the zoo moved to its current bigger site and has become a popular tourist attraction.

crocodile in water with eyes and nose above water

The zoo is now home to 17 out of 24 of the crocodilian species from around the world.  The aim is to eventually have all 24.  The zoo also a charity which is committed to crocodile conservation.  They have successfully bred critically endangered Siamese crocodiles and also have an education zone to spread awareness of issues affecting crocodiles.

Crocodile sat in water taken from above

Inside the main building you will be greeted at reception and given a timetable of the day which shows feeding times and keeper talks.  I highly recommend you do as many of these as possible as they are fascinating.  The keepers really know their animals and they were great at answering questions. They are clearly very passionate about what they do.  We saw the crocodiles and otters being fed, a crocodile talk (with live 2 year crocodile!) and a reptile session.  In the reptile session we got to stroke and hold a boa constrictor!

Lois holding a boa constrictor at Crocodiles Of The World

As well as these sessions there is the opportunity to have your photo taken holding a real live baby crocodile.  The sessions are managed very carefully to ensure everyone’s safety and the comfort of the animals involved.  The animals were very well cared for and I felt the kids were in safe hands while they had their turn.  It was a fantastic experience that I don’t think they’ll ever forget!  *extra cost applies

Cody holding 2 year old baby crocodile with green screen background

Another experience we really enjoyed was seeing the Nile Crocodiles being fed.  The enclosures in the crocodile house are amazing.  As well as glass windows for you to look through there is also a wooden walkway.  This takes you around the top of the enclosure so you can look down at the crocodiles in the water.  Some parts even had glass windows in the floor! It was very cool!

Overlooking the crocodile enclosure

While you’re in the crocodile house look out for geckos.  They wander around freely inside the building but have you have to look carefully to spot them.  We managed to spy 5 and thought we were doing well until we discovered there are actually around 40 in there!  They are very cute but remember not to touch.

gecko on a wooden post inside the crocodile house at Crocodiles of the world

Other animals you can see at Crocodiles Of The World include otters, meerkats, iguanas, Sulcata tortoises, monitor lizards, snakes, turtles and more.  There is so much to see!

Iguana at Crocodiles of the world

Within the zoo there are 2 small outdoor children’s play areas with plenty of picnic benches. They are ideal for letting off some steam and a great place to sit and eat lunch in the summer. 

Wooden play frame with monkey bars, rings,etc

There is a cafe selling a variety of hot and cold food and drinks.  Prices were fairly reasonable depending on what you chose (some items I felt were a little expensive, others were ok).  There are high chairs and they were happy to give me some boiling water to make up a bottle. 

cafe counter with blackboard menu behind

The whole site is disabled and pushchair friendly.  It can get busy at times, especially in the morning but manageable.  We found it better to go to the latest Nile crocodile feeding time as by then it wasn’t so busy.  Be prepared that it is very warm in the crocodile house and main zoo as the animals need warm temperatures.  You wont need warm layers inside!

The Verdict

I was quite dubious about visiting Crocodiles Of The World as I figured once you’ve seen a crocodile there’s not much else to it, right?! Wrong! I was also worried as I’d heard rumours it’s not very big and I wondered if it was going to be good value for money or not.  I have to say I feel really bad now about putting off visiting.  It was so much better than I ever expected and is one of the best days out we’ve actually ever had!  It was fab!  I definitely recommend this place for all the family.  The entry price is really good value for money we felt, especially as we spent 5 hours there!  Could happily have stayed all day.

Check out our YouTube video below to see more.

Disclaimer: We are not involved with Crocodiles Of The World in any way and they had no input in this review.  We paid for our entry tickets ourselves.

Date of visit: 31st December 2019

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