You know You’re A Mum When……..

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Last night I asked my friends to finish the following sentence:

‘You know you’re a Mum when………’

They didn’t disappoint!!

Some of the answers had me in absolute fits of laughter.  Others reminded me of things I’d forgotten about when the kids were babies.  Most importantly though the one thing that really struck me was that I could relate to every single one of them.  We are all different, from all warps of life, but we all face the same struggles with our kids.  I posted the question on my personal Facebook page and suddenly friends of mine, who had never met each other before, were laughing comparing stories about their kids and experiences of motherhood.  It was awesome!

Here are some of their answers. ‘You know you’re a Mum when………….

‘You use wet wipes for everything!’ –  Kimmy

‘You hold your baby’s bum to your nose to see if it’s you child thats poo’d’  – Rebecca

‘You’re still watching kids TV long after they’ve left the room or gone to bed’  – Helen

‘You say ‘Oh look a fire engine/train/digger’ to an empty back seat in the car’  – Lizzie

The moment your bum touches that toilet seat you hear… “MMMUUUMMM” and it will be for something that could have waited 5 minutes’  –  Susannah

‘You spend longer in the supermarket just because you are alone’  – Sally

‘You sound like your own Mum!’  – Jo

‘You turn up at work with baby vomit on your shoulder’ – Corinna

‘You never get a bath in peace before 10pm’  – Ali

‘You wonder what a reasonable time is to go to bed on New Years Eve’  – Claire

‘You eat dinner cold’  – Natalie

And lets not forget my excitement over my new mop!!

katie holding orange spray mop

What would you add to the list??  Leave your answer in the comments box below x


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