Why Every Child Should Join The Scouts

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As many of you will know my 7 year old daughter Lois is part of a local Beavers group.  She joined in January of this year at the age of 6.  Back in my day the various scouts divisions were for boys only and girls joined Brownies/Guides.  Now, Lois is a bit of a tom boy (no idea where she gets that from?!) and loves exploring/being outdoors, so when I heard that girls can now join the Scouts I knew this would be the better option for her.

The Scouts has different divisions which are defined by age groups.  They start at age 6 in Beavers until they turn 8.  Next is Cubs for age 8-10.5 years, followed by Scouts for age 10.5-14 years.  Then its Explorer Scouts for age 14-18s and finally Scout Network for 18-25 year olds.  The activities they do differ from group to group and are always age appropriate.  Many of them also allow the children to work towards badges which give a great sense of achievement.  Lois absolutely loves her badges and is so proud to wear them on the sleeve of her jumper.  There are a growing number of girls joining which is really great to see.  Let’s face it – adventures outdoors aren’t just for boys!

Since Lois has started she has done night hikes, orienteering, tye dying, international learning events, tent building and bushcraft skills, campfire nights, obstacle course and more at her normal weekly meetings.  On top of that she has done weekend sleepovers, cinema trip, summer zoo trip and was invited to a 3 day Summer Camp (which unfortunately she couldn’t attend as we were on holiday – much to her disappointment!).

The opportunities the kids get are fab.  A lot of the time they are learning important life skills too without even realising it.  Not only that, but they get to make great memories with their friends while out on their adventures. They also get to take part in important events.  Just last weekend Lois took part in the local Remembrance Day Parade which was such a proud moment.  I think taking part in things like this really enhances their interest and understanding far more than just hearing about it in the classroom.

So why else should kids take part aside from all the fun activities they get to do?  Well along with those important life skills such as map reading, putting up a tent, etc, they also learn how to be independent, to care for and help others, to respect and love the great outdoors.  They gain a sense of self-belief and self-confidence which is so lovely to see.  The energy and enthusiasm in the group is awesome!

If you want to learn more and find out where your nearest group is then please check out the Scouts website here: http://scouts.org.uk/home/

Let’s set them off on their greatest adventure yet!

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5 Comments on “Why Every Child Should Join The Scouts”

  1. I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough for Scouts and Brownies, I loved it as a kid. Great post and pics x

  2. I was a brownie and guide, but tbh, scouting hasn’t even been thought about for N. It doesn’t help that I work, so probably wouldn’t be able to get him there even if he wanted to join. I think I’d have prefered scouts to guides too.

  3. I was in Brownies and Guides and loved it! Girls couldn’t join Scouts when I was growing up, but I think we did most things the boys did, if not more! I learnt how to make fire in the wild, build a raft out of random bits of wood, went camping, slept on a beach with only tarpaulin for cover (woke up soaked through from the rain!), learnt bushcraft skills, midnight walks. It was seriously character building. I actually miss my weekly adventures!

  4. I can’t wait until my children are old enough to join. We’ll definitely be choosing Scouts for both my daughter and my son.

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