Toys For 9 Month Olds

I can’t believe that Asa is turning 9 Months old this week. He’s growing so fast and learning new skills on a daily basis.  I’ve been going through his toy box as he’s outgrowing some of his little baby toys now and wanting things that are a bit more interesting. I’ve been looking for recommendations and this has led me to the Wicked Uncle website’s blog post brilliant toys gifts for 9 month old babies.  It’s given me some great ideas!

I really love the Hungry Pelican (RRP £26.95). Asa loves looking inside things and pulling out treasures. I think he’d love putting the sea creatures in the pelicans mouth and seeing them through the transparent belly. He really likes boxes, pots and bags as well.  Anything you can put items in then take them back out of. 

The Musical Bongos look like great fun too. Asa really likes tapping and banging things so I bet he’d love these! He does have a toy drum shape sorter which makes noises when you bang it and he loves it! He also really enjoys banging his spoon on the high chair tray.  I wonder if I have a future drummer on my hands?! I may have to put together a collection of musical instruments for him to enjoy, although I’m not sure my ears will thank me! 

Another toy Asa really likes is his set of stacking cups. He received them for Christmas as a gift. They get played with on a daily basis. The big kids like stacking them up into a tall tower for Asa to knock down. He likes tapping them together and pretending to drink from them like a cup. We sometimes put them in the bath too. They are great for pouring and water play. Asa loves the water so his bath is always full of toys. I’m going to find a good boat toy to add to his bath collection soon. Let me know in the comments if there’s any you would recommend.

As well as toys Asa really loves looking at books. The ‘That’s not my…..’ books are a firm favourite in our house. We’ve got a few of them but there are many more for us to collect.  He likes to feel the different textures on each page. Cody and Lois really enjoy reading to him too. I like the look of the book ‘The Wonderful World Of Peekaboo’ on the Wicked Uncle website (link above). It’s a lift-the-flap jungle animals book which I think he’d really enjoy.  We don’t have any lift-the-flap books at the moment so it would be great to get some to read. ‘The Wonderful World Of Peekaboo’ is a fabric book and is machine washable – always a bonus!

All of my children have had a Jumperoo which they all adored and Asa is no different. He gets so excited bouncing away in it and loves to play with the toys around the seat. He seems to particularly like the red parrot and dancing to the music. This boy loves to dance! I like the fact you can fold up the Jumperoo to save space while it’s not being used.

I’d love to know what recommendations you have for a 9 month old so please do leave me a comment with any ideas.  And if you’re looking for recommendations yourself then don’t forget to visit the Wicked Uncle website link above for some great gift ideas!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post which means Wicked Uncle have paid to feature in it. 

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