Top 10 Books For Adventurous Kids

Today is of course World Book Day.  Probably one of the most hated school days in the entire year for many parents, especially if like me you left their costume to the last minute and it’s gone disastrously wrong!  Next time I think I’ll just buy a ready made one from the shop and save myself the hassle.  Aside from that I do actually think World Book Day is a fab idea and the kids are so excited about dressing up as their favourite book characters.  It really is a good way of encouraging children to read.  Regular readers of my blog will know that we quite enjoy an adventure or two and so I thought it would be good to put a list together of our top 10 books for adventurous kids.  How many of them have you read??  *this post contains affiliate links.

  1.  The Famous Five.  You can’t really get a more adventurous book than the Famous Five can you!!  I used to dream of being one of the famous five when I was younger and so did Jenna from who recommended this one.  I really need to buy the collection and start reading these with the kids.  I know they will love them as much as I did.

2. Swallows and Amazons.  Another absolute classic recommended by Clare from who says her kids couldn’t wait to go camping and on adventures after reading this.

3. Kensuke’s Kingdom.  This one was recommended by Jemma at  It isn’t one that I have read personally but it’s all about a boy who is washed up on a pacific island.  It sounds really good!  Definitely one I will be adding to our little library at home.

4. We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.  This one is very well loved by young children (and grown ups!).  It’s one of our favourite picture books and so much fun to read and act out.

5.  Pirate Gran.  This one is all about having adventures sailing the seas and was recommended by Sarah at  Any book with pirates in has to be a winner in this household!

6.  Northern Lights.  Kate from says that after reading this as a child she could think of nothing else but adventures in the icy North.

7.  Where The Wild Things Are.  This is another classic childrens story with an amazing night time adventure to the place where the wild things are.  I love picture books like this, full of imagination.

8.  Amazing Animal Journeys.  This book was recommended by Emma who says her eldest wanted to go to Christmas Island to become a crab warden after reading this!  It’s a great fact-filled book for any budding conservationists.

9.  The Swiss Family Robinson.  This is the tale of survival of a family lost at sea who wash up on an uninhabited island.  It sounds very exciting!

10.  World Atlas.  Of course the best book for any young adventurer is an atlas, because everyone needs a map to plan an adventure!  My kids love reading the little facts around the map about various countries.  They come out with all sorts of fascinating things they want to tell me.  This Usbourne Childrens Picture Atlas is ideal for younger children and the pictures are beautifully illustrated.

Have a fantastic World Book Day and do let me know your children’s favourite adventure books in the comments below!

* This post contains affiliate links.  This means when you purchase an item using one of these links you pay the normal price but I may receive a percentage of the sale.

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