The reality of travelling with kids

kids at miravet with the river behind them

You may have noticed the blog has been a little quiet this week as we are currently on holiday in Spain.  We are very lucky that my grandparents live over here so we have been staying with them for the last 9 days.  We’ve had a wonderful time but I’m quite sure my grandparents will breathe a sigh of relief when we leave this evening.  The noise and commotion of having 3 young kids running around isn’t quite what they’re used to! And one thing I’ve learnt on this trip is that kids will be kids wherever you are in the world.

You know all those beautiful photos on Instagram posted by families who have given it all up to travel the world with their beautiful children and every shot looks just perfect? How the hell do they do that?! Like seriously?!

Am I the only one with the 4 year old who chooses to throw a screaming fit out in the back garden in a small village during siesta time?

The only one with a 6 year old who refused to eat her spaghetti bolognaise because it ‘looks different’ to the one I make at home?

The only one with a 10 year old who runs, singing at the top of her voice, through the yard at a monastery, oblivious to the monks meditating?

kids stood beside the monastery in Spain

The one whose kid does a massive burp at the dinner table in the middle of a restaurant?

Decides to climb up the side of the castle ruins, because why not?

Grumbles and moans when we drive through the breathtakingly stunning mountain scenery because it’s boring?

I guess we need a little more practice. Or maybe we just need to be realistic? Maybe, just maybe, there’s a story behind each of those perfect photos on Instagram that makes them not so perfect.  That’s what I’ve decided anyway.


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  1. Haha yep, my kids are always the loud ones too (be it singing, tantrumming or belching), I’ve not found the volume control yet!

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