Money Saving In Every Way Possible

Lots of money in £10 notes

So we’re all skint from Christmas and making New Year resolutions to save more/budget better, etc, etc right?   This has been a hard year financially for many people.  I thought it might be useful to write a post about money saving ideas.  It’s a bit of a long one but it’s worth the read as it really could help you.

I’ve always been pretty good with money (thankfully!) and saved every month. However, when I moved into my own home I realised I needed to make sure I could afford to cover all the bills and food/fuel costs, etc.  I needed to be able to keep track of how much money I had coming in and going out and on what dates. I decided to set up a spreadsheet to help budget for everything.  I still use the same spreadsheet today and it is literally like my Bible.  Online banking is great as I can check my bank account easily each day and see which bills have gone out, which money has been paid in etc. 

There is a picture of the spreadsheet below (minus the actual amounts for privacy).  So imagine this with the amounts for each item alongside them.  These are then colour coded as shown on the right hand side of the sheet.  Red is an estimated amount, black is a known amount and green is for when they have been paid.  By the end of the month they should all be green.  I have a sheet for every month of the year and adapt it to cover any additional costs that I know such as car insurance being due or the 2 months where I don’t pay council tax.  The amount I put in savings depends on the amount I have left over after bills and the budgeted amount for food and fuel.  I always leave a bit of flexibility in there for outings, take aways, gifts, etc that may come up.  I also put the date’s payments are due in the column next to them. 

As soon as each child was born I set up savings accounts for them which are linked to my online banking.  Every month I move a set amount over into each child’s savings account.  I also pay in any birthday or Christmas money they receive.  It’s never too early to start saving for your children’s futures. I really hope that one day these savings accounts will help get them onto the property ladder.  They also have money boxes in their bedrooms which they use to save up for something they want so they learn to save for themselves as well as me doing it for them.  We don’t have a set pocket money routine as such but they sometimes earn coins through doing good deeds, hard work, achievements, etc.  I never use this as a bribery tool.  I think it’s important they learn to help out and do kind things, work hard, etc without the expectation of getting paid for it but that reward is there for me to give when I think it’s suitable.

When it comes to family savings I have two savings accounts.  One is the ’emergency account’ which has a set amount in there which is never touched unless it is an absolute emergency, i.e. the car or boiler goes bang. The money is then replaced as soon as I possibly can if it is used.  The other one is my ‘general savings’ which is where I put money to save up for holidays, home improvements, etc.  This is the one I dip in and out of when I need to. Having that emergency account is something I would really highly recommend that every single person has because seeing your current financial status as £0.00 is extremely scary.  Always, always have something there for emergencies.

Now that’s the bit about budgeting and sorting out your finances so they actually make sense and you can see what your doing.  If you’ve got this far and you’re still reading then well done!  Keep going, it’ll be worth it I promise!

Below is a list of ways in which you can cut back your outgoings and save money in every day life.  Most of them are really simple easy adjustments that you probably won’t even notice but they all add up.

  • Write a meal plan for the week by going through your cupboards and fridge freezer to see what you have in already.  Put whatever else you need on your shopping list and stick to the list.  Compare prices before you shop to see where is cheapest if you have several supermarkets nearby.
  • Go shopping later in the day and check for reduced items. They may be going out of date but many of them you can freeze to use at a later date.
  • Remember to collect your loyalty points (i.e. nectar points, Tesco Clubcard, etc).  Supermarket loyalty schemes are free to join and you earn points for every £1 you spend which can then be used in a variety of ways.  Lots of people simply use the points to get money off their shopping but if you use them wisely you can get a lot more from them.  I use my Tesco Clubcard points to purchase entrance tickets for days out as their value can be doubled, trebled or even quadrupled.  Sainsburys Nectar points I either spend in Argos or I wait for special offers such as the Summer 2 cinema tickets for £5.  Sainsburys also run ‘double up’ events throughout the year where you can double the value of your points and use them to spend in certain areas of the store such as clothing or toys. It’s an ideal time to get birthday or Christmas presents.
  • Before going shopping arm yourself with money off coupons which you can print off at home.  Do a quick google search of grocery coupons and you’ll see a variety of websites come up.  Its surprising how many coupons are out there.  Just make sure to read the small print and check how many you can use per transaction etc.
  • Download cashback apps onto your phone.  Personally I’ve used Shopmium, Checkout Smart and Shopitize but there are others out there depending on whether you are on iphone or android.  These work by giving you the cashback after you have bought the item.  You scan the barcode and send off a pic of your receipt via the app and then they give you the cashback into your bank account or paypal.  Some charge you a percentage if you withdraw the money when less than a certain amount (ie.£20) but most of them don’t.  Shopmium and Checkout Smart have regular freebies on them as well so well worth using them.
  • If you are doing any shopping online then use an online cashback site.  I use Quidco and Top Cashback.  These sites give you a percentage back of the amount you spend when making a purchase through their website.  You can get particularly good amounts of cashback for insurance renewals through these sites.  I don’t often shop online but I have still managed to get around £75-£100 cashback per year just through doing my normal transactions through the cashback site.  Before clicking ‘Pay’ also do a quick google search for voucher codes to see if you can get any additional discount or free delivery.
  • Check through your direct debits and cancel any that you no longer need or use.  Ring companies such as mobile phone, internet, sky, etc to see if you can change you subscription to a lower amount.
  • Buy meat in bulk from the local butchers and freeze it.  I buy a large 5kg tub of chicken breasts for £22.50 and then split it into freezer bags with 2 or 3 chicken breasts in each and freeze them.  This will do us around 14 meals as they are such good quality meat and not pumped full of water, etc.  If you are local to my area then I highly recommend Bob’s Family Butchers in Harwell.
  • Switch off all sockets when they are not in use.  Yes that includes the kettle, microwave, etc.  If you aren’t using it then it doesn’t need to be on.  On the same note, turn off taps when they aren’t being used, i.e. when you’re brushing your teeth.  Set a timer so you don’t take too long in the shower and let the kids share a bath (which doesn’t need to be more than a few inches deep).
  • Buy items that are 2nd hand. If its in good condition then there’s no reason not to. Charity shops, car boot sales and Facebook selling pages have some great bargains.
  • Sell any outgrown toys and clothes to give you a little extra in your savings.  Personally I prefer to do this via local Facebook selling sites rather than Ebay so I don’t get stung by Paypal fees.
  • Look for money saving deals on Groupon and Jack FM Shop for days out or use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers.  You could also look at getting an annual pass if you visit somewhere regularly.  We had a National Trust annual membership for several years so we had free days out for the whole year.  Merlin also do an annual pass for all their attractions including the top theme parks (their January sale is the best time to buy if you want to make more savings!).
  • Enter competitions.  Ok so this one doesn’t save you money as such but you never know you may win a prize and let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie!  Recently I won a competition to receive a signed copy of a new children’s book to add to my kids story collection.
  • Take a packed lunch and flask to work/school.  It’s amazing how much lunch in the canteen or a daily trip to Costa can add up.  Try it for a week and see how much you save.
  • Join your local community larder. You pay a small amount each week/month to receive a selection of food far cheaper than you would get if paying full price. I pay £3.50 per week for our local one. I receive 10 stock cupboard ‘choices’ plus a big bag of fruit and veg and often there’s extras too. Check with your local larder for details. If you are in the Oxfordshire area then look for the SOFEA Community Larder
  • Join the Olio app which is used to distribute supermarket surplus food as well as unwanted household items for free. There is loads of unwanted food available on there daily. I get all my bread products and often other items from there too.  It can save you a fortune and remember you can freeze loaves of bread.
  • Buy birthday/Christmas gifts when you see them on offer. Don’t wait until December and go out paying full price for everything in a rush.  Start looking in the January sales for any bargains.  You can read more about savvy Christmas savings on my previous post here: Super Savvy Christmas.

Well there’s lots of ideas there to get you started on your money saving journey. I hope you have found some of them useful.  Let me know if there are any you can think of that I’ve missed.  Why not set yourself a money saving goal with a deadline and let me know how you get on?  I really hope this post has inspired you and gives your finances a good kick start.  Good luck!!!




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  1. Oh gosh, I love the fact you’re using a spreadsheet to sort your accounts. I used to do that when I had a really good, steady income and I have to start doing it again as times are tough financially and I have to stop burying my head in the sand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fab tips – we have just started ‘Frugal 2017’ – I plan to save £7k this year and buy a brand new car in 2018. We are RUBBISH at saving and usually waste a lot of money so I’ll be putting some of your tips into practice x

    1. Glad it has helped Sam. We aren’t too bad at saving but it always seems to get spent on unexpected things that come up instead of what it was intended for!

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