Stocking Filler Ideas For Kids

kids Christmas stockings and sacks laid by the fire

One of the most exciting things for me at Christmas was always waking up to find my stocking on the end of my bed filled with little packages.  There’s something so lovely and nostalgic about a stocking isn’t there?  I always remember one of my favourite stocking gifts being a bottle of Spice Girls deodorant!  Can you tell I grew up in the 90s?!  Here are some (more modern) kids stocking filler ideas for you.

  • Blind bags and surprise eggs.  These are quite a craze with kids often watching Youtube videos of other kids opening these. They are likely to go down a storm!  You can pick up blind bags with all sorts of themes including mini Thomas trains, Lego minifigures, puppy in my pocket, mash’ems, shopkins, etc.
  • New character toothbrush and toothpaste.  My kids often get these in their stockings.  They love getting a new set to use Xmas morning.
  • Bath bombs.  Another huge favourite in my household.  All of my kids absolutely love having bath bombs in their bath.  They are always disappointed when the Christmas stash runs out!
  • Hair bands/ties/bows.  Girls love hair accessories and I love the fact they are actually something useful!
  • Mini books.  The Mr Men books and mini library sets are perfect for stockings, especially for babies and toddlers.
  • Bubbles.  Again all kids love to receive bubbles.  I find these particularly great for the little ones.
  • Fancy pen. One stocking filler I always loved getting was one of those pens with a feather on the top or the ones you can change the colour you write with.  Can’t beat stationary bits and bobs.  Pencil sharpener, erasers, ruler, etc.
  • Key ring.  Pick their favourite character or film.  Lois has a whole collection often found attached to her school bag or book bag.  Last year both the girls got JoJo Siwa pom pom key rings.  They loved them!
  • Hot Wheels cars.  Cody loves his cars and often I’ve managed to pick up a couple of Star Wars or Marvel ones in Poundland for him.  Always keep your eye out in Poundland as I often see Hot Wheels in there.
  • Jewellery.  When Lily was a bit younger it was the chunky bead style necklaces with a character on that she loved.  Now she’s older its beautiful bracelets from Next and Sainsburys that look more grown up.  Earrings are also great if your child has their ears pierced.
  • Slinky.  One of my fave toys as a child was my slinky and they are still popular now.  Its fascinating watching them go down the stairs!
  • Bubble bath.  Another thing I have always included in the kids stockings is character bubble bath.  We usually end up with enough bath stuff between us all to last a few months!
  • Cosmetics.  Great for older ones.  You could include nail varnish, lip balm, nail files, make up brushes, etc.  I found Wonder Woman perfume in Poundland for Lois and matching bath fizzers.  Look out for beauty advent calendars in the sales and take the bits out of them to use as stocking fillers instead.  A few months back Superdrug had some reduced from £16 to just £4!
  • Bouncy ball.  Flashing light ones are the favourite in this house.  The funkier the better!
  • Stickers/Glitter tattoos.  Now Lois hates tattoos as she doesn’t like anything on her skin (including face paints or nail varnish).  Cody however loves a cool tattoo and they all love stickers.
  • Finger puppets.  These are ideal for little tots, especially when Mummy and Daddy make up funny stories with them 😉
  • Top Trumps.  Who doesn’t love a game of Top Trumps?!  We have had so many versions including Star Wars, Shopkins, Hello Kitty, Frozen, Harry Potter and more.  There are loads of different sets to choose from.
  • Rubber duck.  Any age kid loves a rubber duck although of course they are particularly ideal for babies and toddlers.  Having said that I have bought Lily a Harley Quinn one last year!
  • Torch.  Any sort of torch goes down a storm in this house.  The kids love making dens in their bedroom and playing with their torches, especially the ones that project different pictures on the wall.
  • Chocolate coins.  No stocking is complete without a bag of chocolate coins!

stocking filler ideas for kids

I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful.  Do you have any traditions for things that always go in your kids stockings?  Let me know your stocking filler ideas in the comments below.

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  1. What a lot of lovely ideas. I do need to focus more on stockings, for me they are often an afterthought and I tend to put the smaller items I lose patience with when wrapping the gifts and they often are still in the stocking the next day so clearly aren’t impressing the boys enough.

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