Homemade Christmas Gift Inspiration

Personalised hand made hessian Christmas giftsacks

I’ve always enjoyed making things and I think homemade gifts are so much better than shop bought ones.  The sentimental value they hold simply because of the effort that gets put into them makes them really special.  Here are some ideas I have made in the past which may help inspire you.

Two years ago I made the kids personalised sacks with their names on using a hessian sack and Christmas style fabric.  I finished them at 1am the day we were due to go to our Santa Sleepover at Chessington World Of Adventures, just in the nick of time to surprise them with their Build A Bear teddies for the trip!  They are now used every year for their Christmas gifts from Santa.

Something else I did 2 years ago was made hampers for a lot of our relatives.  For my grandparents I made a ‘Siesta’s in the Sun’ hamper.  They live in Spain so I included sangria, board games, puzzles, olives, etc.  For my Sister-In-Law I made a mini pamper hamper as she had just given birth to our little niece a few weeks before.

Last year the kids made a hanging tree ornament each at The Funky Teapot pottery place in Wantage (Oxfordshire).  They painted them, signed their name and the date on the back and then they were fired to give them a lovely shiny glaze.  These would make a lovely gift, especially for Grandparents.  We kept ours and hang them on our Christmas tree every year.  The kids had such a lovely time making them and seeing the ornaments on the tree always reminds them of that day.

After visiting a friend and seeing a lovely print she’d had commissioned by an artist to include special things about her family I decided to have a go at designing a similar sort of thing myself for my Nan and Mother-In-Law for Christmas.  They were both drawn by hand and completely personalised to the individuals.  My Nan’s was an owl shape as she loves owls and Mother-In-Laws is a Russian doll as a nod to her Russian family links.  They loved them!

It’s not just the gifts themselves that can be homemade.  Last year my sister wrapped our Christmas gifts in brown packing paper with green garden twine and used stamps to stamp our names and ‘Love From Auntie’ on the wrapping.  I loved the simple, natural style!

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