End Of Year Teacher Gifts

Can you believe that already we’ve entered the final term of the school year?!   It’s become quite a common practise now to give teacher gifts at the end of the school year.  It’s a lovely way to show appreciation for their hard work throughout the year and dedication to our children’s educations.

However,  trying to find that perfect gift can be quite hard.  There’s only so many ‘Best Teacher’ mugs and keyrings one could possibly need.  Some teachers don’t drink so a bottle of wine may be unwise and others may be dieting so avoiding chocolates and cake.

I have found some gorgeous personalised teacher gifts though over at Little Foxglove.  You may remember we were kindly gifted some items from them a few months ago and were so impressed I couldn’t help but share some more with you. You can see the full range available on Naomi’s website at Little Foxglove but here are my top choices for teachers:

Pencil Case – Every teacher has a pencil case and it’s one of those things which I think should show some of your personality.  With the Little Foxglove Crafts pencil cases you can chose what name or phrase you want on it and in what colour.   My particular favourite is the teaching assistant superhero design pictured below.  Very cool!

personalised pencil cases from Little Foxglove

Tote bag – I received my own tote bag with my blog logo on and I absolutely love it.  The quality is fantastic and its perfect for carrying my diary and note books.  I think it would make a great gift for a teacher to carry their books and paperwork in.  I love the apple design pictured below.

apple tote bag teacher gift

Of course if you know your child’s teacher does like wine then you can also get some gorgeous wine bags from Little Foxglove to make your gift that bit extra special.

teacher gift wine bottle bag

I’ve also found that homemade edibles always go down a treat.   We made homemade fudge 2 years ago and the staff loved it.  Cupcakes and cakes also go down well in the staff room.

Above all else though its the homemade cards and things children make themselves which are the most treasured.  The effort and love put in to those is worth far more than any gift money can buy.

Disclaimer: I have previously been gifted items from Little Foxglove however this post is not in association with them.

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