Christmas – You Spent How Much?!

Christmas gifts and money £5 notes

I have just read in a newspaper article that the average British family will spend £1,150 on Christmas this year.  £1150. That’s one thousand one hundred and fifty pounds.  Wow!   I’m sorry but seriously?!  There is absolutely no way I spend anywhere near that!  I wrote a post last year on our Super Savvy Christmas and how I’d saved money by buying gifts throughout the year in the sales and used vouchers, cashback and freebies to keep my spend low.  In 2015 I spent a total of £660 on gifts for all our family and friends (including our 3 kids).  2016’s total was £520.  This year I have got it even lower at a grand total of £356!!  The total RRP of what I have bought comes in at £897 meaning I have paid less than half the price I would have done if I hadn’t shopped savvy.

Take Cody’s gift pile as an example (pictured below).  This all cost a total of £65.28 with an RRP of £201.74  His best buy gifts include a talking Iron Man action figure RRP £16, I paid £7.20 in Sainsburys toy sale earlier in the year.  The large Star Wars Nerf gun cost just £4.99 in Argos toy sale instead of £49.99 (its now back to full price-sorry!).  Lois has got one in her stash too and the Star Wars Nerf bullet packs cost just 44p a pack also in the sale.

Codys gifts 2017

In Lois’s stash (below) her best buy is the Lego Dimensions starter set for Xbox One which I managed to get for just £15 from Smyths back in March during a flash sale.  The RRP of this is £64.99!  I have then bought her 2 figure packs on buy one get one free at Sainsburys and used staff discount card to pay just £5.52 instead of £12.99 each.  The Lego Wonder Woman Dorm set has an RRP of £19.99 but cost me £9 in Sainsburys sale.  The total for all her gifts came to £69.53 with an RRP of £248.30.  Not a bad saving!

Lois gifts 2017

Some of my other best buys come from Wilkinsons 75% off sale in January where I always stock up on gifts for birthdays throughout the year and Christmas.  If you have the space to store things then buy throughout the year (just remember what you’ve bought!) and spread the cost as well as getting some fab savings along the way.  There really is no reason to spend excessively if you plan ahead.  For more top tips read last year’s Super Savvy Christmas thread.

It’s not just the gifts that add up of course.  I am doing Christmas dinner for the 5 of us.  We have bought a turkey breast joint from our local butcher for £17.99 which will probably do us 3 full meals judging by the size of it!  I’ll need to buy the veg and gravy to go with it of course and bread sauce.  We are having a prawn cocktail starter and I’ll get something nice and chocolatey for dessert.  In total I don’t expect to spend any more than £15 for all of this.  I have crackers in the loft from last years January sales (25p for a box of 12) and napkins (25p for 30).

So that’s our entire Christmas for under £400.  No where near the ‘average’ £1,150.  Of course there is absolutely no right or wrong amount you should spend on Christmas.  If you want to spend £5000 then that’s up to you.  If you spend £50 that’s also up to you.  But if you want to cut back your expenditure without cutting back on quality then shop around and use the sales to your advantage.  I wonder how low I can get next years total!!

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