Willow The Dog Turns 10 Months Old

Young Willow puppy stood on beach

We welcomed our beautiful border collie x labrador puppy dog Willow into our family in December and its been a crazy 8 months full of ups and downs. Some of you may have read my posts in the first few weeks she was with us when she was very ill and we wondered if she would make it. Thankfully she pulled through and has continued to grow and flourish ever since.

Willow loves her walks although she is still learning how to be more sociable around other dogs. She has a tendency to bark and growl at new dogs when she first meets them but does settle down quickly once she’s got to know them. While we were in Ireland she spent 2 weeks living with a dog boarder.  She was surrounded by other dogs and settled in really well which was a huge relief! I’m hoping to do some training classes with her in the near future to help her be more relaxed around new dogs.

dog in the sea

While we were away she came into season which we weren’t at all prepared for. We’ve bought special doggy nappies from the pet shop but she isn’t a huge fan.  She tends to rip them off if left to her own devices. At £10 for a pack of 12 it was getting quite costly so instead I’ve now switched to size 6+ baby nappies.  I simply cut a hole in them for her tail. Much cheaper at £3.69 for 30 supermarket own brand ones and just as effective! I’m hoping we only have another week or so left until it stops!

dog wearing nappy in season

In the meantime she still loves to play, especially with her ball and is learning new tricks. This week we’ve taught her to ‘speak’ (bark) on command. She amazes me how fast she learns new commands. The whole family has enjoyed getting involved in this one by barking themselves to encourage her to bark!

Willow remains very much my dog.  She loves the whole family but it’s me she loves to cuddle up with and follows around the house.  When I get home she’s very excited and happy to see me! Definitely a Mummy’s girl!

Katie and Willow

So there you have it. Our little four legged member of the family is doing well.   If you’d like to find some dog friendly places to visit, I’ve put together a list here: Dog Friendly Places To Visit In Oxfordshire



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