How To Make Your Own Busy Board

Toddler playing with busy board

I recently shared a photo on Instagram of the busy board I made for my youngest during lockdown 1.0 and you all loved it! So I thought I’d share a bit more about how I made it and some ideas of things to put on them.

First off I bought a large piece of MDF off someone for £5 on Marketplace. Look out for people getting rid of left over bits from DIY projects, you may even be able to get it free.

MDF board

Next I used some blue paint in the shed left over from painting the big boy’s bedroom a few years ago. It’s a wipe-able bedroom wall paint and made a great backdrop for my galaxy theme.

MDF board painted blue

Once that had dried I used purple, pink and white children’s paints to make the galaxy design. I literally just flicked the paint across the board using a paintbrush until I was happy with how it looked.

MDF board painted blue with galaxy themed flicked paint effect

Now I had the board ready I picked up various items from Wilko (other stores have similar available) and decided where I wanted to place them on the board. There are so many things you can put on them and I still have space to add more. I have a couple of fidget spinners I want to put on and I’d also like to get an old retro telephone handset with push buttons. Here are some ideas of things you could use:

  • Calculator
  • Push button lights (or lights operated with a switch)
  • Various door locks and bolts
  • Door bell or bicycle bell
  • Mirror
  • Magnet board or magnadoodle
  • Zips, buttons, shoe laces, clips, poppers
  • Cogs, fidget spinners and wheels
  • Door stop (you know the springy ones which make a funny noise?!)
  • Telephone
  • Door knocker
  • Clock
  • TV remote control
  • Switches, push buttons
  • Little doors on a hinge that can open and close
  • Wind chime or xylophone
items added to MDF board to make busy board

There are so many different things you can add to busy boards according to your child’s interests and you could always swap things over at a later date too. My littlest has had his for 5 months now and he absolutely loves it. The busy board keeps him entertained for ages and was so easy to make. I’m really proud of it!

toddler sat on floor playing with busy board

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