Trindledown Farm

Alpaca resident at Trindledown Farm

Trindledown Farm is the Berkshire branch of the National Animal Welfare Trust. It is a rescue centre which specialises in caring for older animals. The cover both domestic pets and farm animals. These include dogs, cats, ponies, sheep, pigs, rabbits, tortoises and alpacas!

Stroking pony at Trindledown

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we visited here. I thought a lot of animals would be shut away from the public but actually found quite the opposite! Visitors are encouraged to walk by the dogs kennels and the cattery to help with socialisation. There are also little tubes sticking out the doors of each enclosure for you to drop treats down. There is a pot of treats attached to the door of each enclosure with treats that are specific to the dog or cat inside. It’s all very well organised and a lovely way to be able to interact with the animals.

Dog in its indoor pen

The dogs all have their own sofas or armchairs as well as toys and access to outdoor space. The cats all had lovely beds, toys and scratching posts. The animal’s living areas were really well kept and comfortable for them which was great to see. 

Cat enclosure

Trindledown Farm is a charity so relies on donations from the public to help with its running costs. You can visit the centre for free but please do pop a donation in one of the charity boxes. Alternatively you could buy your lunch in Baileys Cafe or purchase some goodies in the Trindledown Treasures shop.

Kids in Baileys cafe at Trindledown

Bailey’s cafe is open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-4pm. They offer a variety of food including cooked breakfasts, paninis, jacket potatoes, soup, cakes and more. It’s all very reasonably priced and the cakes are homemade. There are vegan and gluten free options available so very accommodating to all.  The kids loved their cupcakes!

Baileys cafe menu

Lilian’s favourite animals during our visit were the alpacas.  I must admit they are lovely animals and very inquisitive. They were particularly fascinated by the baby who was strapped to my front in his carrier!

Lily with an alpaca

Trindledown Farm is open 7 days a week 11am-4pm.  They also have regular events including animal care days during the school holidays, dog shows, nearly new sales, quiz nights, Christmas craft fayre, fetes and more.  Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date and to see their latest residents who are available for adoption.

Address:  Trindledown Farm, Wantage Rd, Great Shefford, Hungerford RG17 7DQ

Price Band: £0 (donations welcome) 


Disclaimer: NAWT have had no involvement in this review. All words, photos and opinions are that of my own.

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