Elf On The Shelf – North Pole Breakfast

North pole breakfast for elf on the shelf

It’s December and that means that for many of you the Elf On The Shelf has arrived!  One tradition I like to do every year is a North Pole breakfast on the first weekend of December to celebrate the elf’s arrival.  It just so happened that this year the 1st December landed on a Saturday so that was perfect!

Breakfast table set up with elves, elf bunting, crackers and fairy lights

North Pole breakfast table

The contents of our breakfast varies each year but basically it will be something a bit more special than the usual cereal. Sometimes I’ve managed to get Christmas tree shaped crumpets (I think they were from Asda) with pan au chocolate or croissants.  We’ve even had star shaped doughnuts in the past for breakfast pudding!

Chrstimas tree shaped crumpets

This year I did a cooked breakfast for me and the kids had chocolate pop tarts.  They’ve never had them before so they were very excited and loved them!

Lois holding a box of chocolate pop tarts

Cody eating a chocolate pop tart

The table is decorated with fairy lights, Christmas themed tableware and crackers.  We have Christmas songs playing in the background which always gives it a festive atmosphere and adds to the fun.  We’ve played games like pin the ears on the elf too.

North pole breakfast for elf on the shelf

As well as food I get something special in to drink as well.  This year we had J2O glitter berry.  Yummy!  Other years we’ve had milkshakes, specialty fruit juices etc.

Cody drinking a bottle of glitter berry J2O

North Pole breakfast goodies

There’s lots of different options for a North Pole breakfast and of course you may do yours completely differently.  I hope this helps give you some ideas though.  It’s certainly a morning treat that everyone really enjoys and sets us up for a great day.

Kids sat at the breakfast table enjoying their north pole breakfast

You could plan it for the day you are putting up the Christmas decorations or perhaps visiting Father Christmas to make it extra special.  However you choose to do it, enjoy!

the kids discovering the elves have arrived

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  1. Just wanted to let you know about Dinton Pastures near Woodley, Reading.

    At least 4 lakes and the river Lodden all full of wildlife with no end of footpaths around them. You could spend hours doing that alone. They have an amazing kids playground with all equipment made from wood including 4 tree trunks turned into climbing towers and large swinging bench that will take a whole extended family!

    Crazy golf and water activities centre also there.

    There’s a car park and cafe for those who want to pay or park further away and take a picnic for a completely free day out.

    1. Thanks Emma, it’s on our list to visit but we haven’t made it there yet. Sounds fab!

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