Tips For Flying Abroad

I’m currently in Spain visiting my Grandparents and enjoying my first trip abroad in 4 years. I’ve always flown to Spain since being a child but I was really quite anxious about this trip as it’s the first time I’ve flown since pre-covid times. I thought I’d put together some tips to help you prepare for any holidays you may be taking flying abroad this summer.

  1. Before you book anything check the covid regulations for the country you are flying to. Things are very relaxed in England now but this is not the case everywhere. Make sure you are fully aware of regulations but also be prepared for them to change at the last minute! For travel to Spain you currently (April 12th 2022) have to be double vaccinated against covid. You’re 2nd jab needs to have been within the last 270 days, otherwise you also need to have had a booster jab. You are required to show your vaccine passport on entry into the country. You can download it from the NHS app onto your phone or print it off. You can also enter Spain if you have a recovery certificate from having covid in the last 6 months. I filled in an online Spanish health control form (SpTH) confirming I don’t have any covid symptoms and also giving details of where I am staying. They actually then dropped the requirement for this form 4 days before my flight but I did it anyway just in case it changed again!
  2. Take a face mask. You will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of your flight. For travel specifically to Italy a FFP2 mask is required. Although there were signs up around Stanstead airport asking people to wear masks in the building, I was suprised to see that very few people did. Staff all wore them but I didn’t see them asking anyone to put there’s on. It was only when I got to the gate that I saw staff telling people to put them on ready to board the flight. In Spain you still have to wear a mask inside shops and restaurants, etc.
  3. Allow plenty of time. Many airports are reporting delays due to staff shortages. There are long queues to get through security and this is causing people to miss flights if they don’t get there early enough. Luckily at Stanstead Airport, despite being very busy, I got through security within15 minutes. Having everything ready to go in a box for the scanner helps speed the process along so read the signs carefully and get ready while queueing.
  4. Be ready for any additional checks. Random temperature checks were being carried out at the airport when I arrived in Spain. Be prepared to spend a little extra time going through when you arrive.

Airports are definitely getting busier now with people being braver about travelling abroad. Stanstead was absolutely heaving yesterday, it felt like the middle of a normal summer. As long as you’re prepared though it’s great to be flying abroad again. There’s a whole world out there!

You can read all about my last visit to Spain 4 years ago (with the kids!) here:

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