Treasure Map Trails Review

hand drawn map printed on glossy paper laid on pebbles

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of trying out a brand new treasure hunt by Treasure Map Trails (*AD gifted). Their gorgeous maps are all hand drawn and have a different theme for each one. We completed the Abingdon treasure map which has a Giant’s Garden theme.

girl holding treasure map trails map

Treasure Map Trails was founded in 2020 when Dad Daniel Johnson was trying to find new ways to entertain his family. They loved treasure hunts but trying to come up with clues to suit different age groups made it tricky. That’s when he came up with the idea of having treasures to find on the map instead. Treasures include sculptures and other features permanently fixed in the town.

kids standing nex to statue of mother and baby

The picture clues are hand drawn images of the feature you are looking for. A white square box on the map gives you a clue where to look, you just need to work out which feature it is! The maps are designed to get families interested in the history of the town they are in. On our Abingdon map some of the treasures were around the Abbey and Abbey Gardens. There are notice boards in these areas depicting the history of the buildings which I had never read before. It was so interesting to find out more about the places I have so often driven or walked past.

Abbey doorway in Abingdon

The map is printed on a glossy A3 poster and has 12 different treasures to find around the town. There is a maximum of 1 mile between the two furthest points so little legs won’t get too tired. Treasures are found high and low so it really encourages you to look around and take notice of your surroundings. The maps have streets labelled on them and show key buildings to help you get your bearings. If you get really stuck there are clues on the back to help you. We didn’t need to use the clues although some of the treasures were a little challenging to find.

kids stod under feature from Treasure Map Trails map

Once you’ve completed your map you can download a free certificate from the website. You move up a rank each time you complete a map, but the main ethos is to get outdoors and have fun. These maps cost just £5.99 and the detail of the drawings is stunning! I love looking at all the different themes on each one. We had a great time doing our treasure trail and would definitely love to do one again. You can find a map near you here:

If you’d like to find other things to do while you’re in the area then check out our guide here:

Disclaimer: We were gifted two Abingdon maps free of charge in return for carrying out this review. All words, photos and opinions are that of my own.

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