Hill’s Dog Food – A Willow Review

Willow eating Hill's dog food

Willow has been very excited this week to be reviewing a brand new dog food that she hasn’t tried before. 

We were kindly sent a 1kg bag of the Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Light Large Breed with Chicken dry food – see the link here: https://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dry_dog_food/hills_science_plan/hills_adult_large/53622

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Hill’s before so I did a little research first to see what they offered.  Their foods are nutritionally balanced and contain high quality ingredients to help keep your dog healthy.  They employ over 220 vets, nutritionists and food scientists around the world to continuously improve their foods.  Their dedication to research means their foods are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual pet depending on their age, size and special needs.

The quality of their foods is also important to them.  Hill’s only accept ingredients from suppliers who meet strict quality standards.  They are physically examined as well as tested for their nutrient value to make sure your pet only gets the best.  Their manufacturing facilities also have annual audits and meet the current Good Manufacturing Practises (cGMP) standard.

The food we were sent to try is the Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Light Large Breed with Chicken.  It’s a dry food which is nutritionally balanced to help maintain ideal weight.  It was matched to Willow based on her age and size.  The pack has a feeding guide which tells you how much of the food to give to your dog each day based on the dog’s weight. Hill’s are so confident your dog will like it that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product!

So what did Willow think?  We’ve tried several dried foods in the past and she hasn’t been particularly keen on them.  With the Hill’s food though she has cleared the bowl at every single meal.  I expected some runny poos for a couple of days due to swapping her to something she hadn’t had before but actually she’s been completely fine.  We are now 5 days in and she’s had no problems at all.

Another thing I really like about Hill’s is the design of their food bags.  They have a velcro seal on the top to keep the food really fresh.  I’ve never seen this before.  It’s such a great idea!

Hill’s offer both dog and cat food so if you’re looking for a great nutritional diet for your pet then check out their website.  They have foods to match every need including vet approved prescription diets.  The food is great quality and loved by even the most fussy eaters.  Willow highly recommends it!

Disclaimer: we were provided with a free bag of Hill’s dog food for Willow and paid for this review, however all words, opinions and photos are that of my own. 

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