Foul Play Card Game Review

Foul Play cards in hand showing suspect

We were recently gifted the Foul Play card game by After Dark to review. Foul Play is a murder mystery game similar to Cluedo but using cards instead of a board. The Lord of The Manor is dead and the servants are all suspects. You need to swap, steal or search for the evidence to solve the crime!

card pack on table

There are 2 ways to play the game: Good cop or bad cop. If you are playing good cop you need to find the 3 pieces of evidence within the playing cards to work out which of the suspects committed the crime. If you are playing bad cop you can choose a suspect and frame them for the crime. You simply need to convince your fellow detectives that you’ve solved the case!

Foul Play playing cards laid face down on table

There are 15 different evidence cards and only 3 are used (dealt at random) in each game so every time you play it will be a different murderer. The game is for 2-5 players. You can add more players by buying an extra pack or teaming up.

When I first read through the rules I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to understand the game. Once we started playing though it all fell in to place and made sense. We genuinely had such a brilliant time playing this! It’s a really fun game and things can change so quickly in it with a change of hand on a single turn. We enjoyed it so much we played another round straight after the first game was won. The next morning the kids insisted on playing again because they’d enjoyed it so much!

Foul Play cards in hand showing suspect

The cards are really good quality with great graphics on them. I love the details in the pictures on the suspect cards. The game is ideal for popping in your bag and taking along with you when you visit friends or go on holiday. The cards all fit into a normal deck of cards size box.

The game has an age rating of 14+ due to the murder theme. Some of the suspect pictures have characters smoking and holding weapons such as guns. If however you are ok with children younger than 14 playing that is entirely down to each parent’s decision. I did allow my children aged 10 and 7 to play (teamed up with an adult) as I felt it was no different to them playing Cluedo. They both really enjoyed it and picked it up very quickly. In the second game my 10 year old played independently rather than in a team with an adult. I would suggest having a quick look through the cards before making your decision about age suitability for your own children.

Foul Play playing cards held in hand

This is a really fun, challenging game for all generations to enjoy together. We own a lot of games (seriously, I mean A LOT!!!) and this is very easily in our top 5. It’s a brilliant concept, very well thought out and has different ways of playing so it’s always full of surprises. We cannot recommend it enough.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a free game in order to carry out this review. All words, photos and opinions are that of my own.

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