No Tricks – Pregnancy Announcement!

So the blog has been a bit quiet recently.  Quite frankly I have been absolutely shattered and crashing straight in to bed every night rather than writing up blog posts. There’s a good reason for it though……


We are very very excited after having our first scan last week. We told the kids on Friday and they are so excited. My stepdaughter even had tears of happiness bless her. It was a really lovely moment to share with them and I’m so glad we videoed it for us to look back on in years to come.

We’ve been able to share the news with friends and family over the weekend in style at a Halloween party which was great fun. Isn’t this t shirt just fab?!

Halloween skeleton pregnant mum top

I’m currently 13 weeks +4 days. This means baby is due on May 4th 2019 – Star Wars day!  I have threatened to call it Yoda which the kids think is hilarious.

So how am I feeling?  Well other than being quite tired I actually feel really well which is great.  I’ve had a few weeks of feeling sick but not too horrendous thankfully. It seems to have passed now so fingers crossed it doesn’t return.  As for cravings, I can’t say there’s been anything specific although perhaps more savoury instead of sweet foods. I’ve definitely gone off spicy strong flavours like fajitas etc. Can’t say I’m particularly bothered about that though.

There’s lots to look forward to over the next 6 month’s and beyond! How did you announce your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below.

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