Dinosaur World Live

Baby Bear and I were very excited to go and see the stage show of Dinosaur World Live this week. I booked us tickets a while ago for the Oxford Playhouse as the advert looked good and I was not disappointed!

Dinosaur World Live uses amazing puppetry to bring a number of dinosaurs to life on stage. They are remarkably life-like with the cast bringing their personalities alive with lots of cheeky antics. You are guaranteed to laugh out loud at them! It’s easy to forget that the dinosaurs are puppets, they seem so real, you don’t even notice the puppeteers making them move.

Dinosaur eating branches on stage

As well as being highly entertaining, the show is educational too. There are lots of fascinating facts to learn about each dinosaur.

During the show you’ll get to meet some prehistoric giants including Giraffatitan, Triceratops and our absolute favourite – the Tyrannosaurus Rex! You’ll also meet a Microraptor, Segnosaurus and more.

triceratops on stage at Dinosaur World Live

There were lots of opportunities for audience participation throughout the show which was wonderful! Some children were chosen to go up on stage to ‘help’ feed the dinosaurs or brush them/walk them. The whole audience was also encouraged to shout out at different points as well and to wave to the dinosaurs. It was so much fun!

Raptor on stage at Dinosaur World Live being lead on a lead

The show is 65 minutes long with no interval. It is perfect for all ages, young and old. There is even an opportunity at the end of the show to meet one of the dinosaurs up close! I highly recommend it for any dinosaur lovers out there, you won’t be disappointed. To book tickets check out their website here: https://dinosaurworldlive.com/

Disclaimer: I paid for my tickets in full and am not affiliated with Dinosaur World Live in any way, I just wanted to share as I highly recommend the show.

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