A Look Back at 2018 and Planning Ahead To 2019

Back in January 2018 we made some plans and set some goals for the year.  They were both personal and blogging plans/goals.  Some were successful, others weren’t.

From a blogging perspective I set the following goals in terms of statistics.  I wanted to reach 30,000 views on the website over the year, 500 followers on Instagram, 400 followers on Twitter and 1200 followers on Facebook.  I’m absolutely over the moon to have hit all 4 of those targets!  I’ve actually reached almost 34,000 views on the website which is way more than I expected.   That’s almost 10,000 more views than the previous year.  I’m so glad people are finding our posts useful and wanting to read the things I’ve written about.  Thank you for all your support!

In terms of social media we now have just under 550 followers on Instagram, 520 followers on Twitter and just over 1200 on Facebook.  There’s also another 50 of you over on Pinterest.  I love reading your comments and seeing people share my posts with friends.  Thank you to every one of you who takes the time to leave me a message. It’s lovely to hear you’ve had some great day out with your family after seeing a review on Mum Of 2.5.  That’s what this blog was originally all about, although I do go off on various tangents at times!

Here are my targets for 2019:                           Website page views – 40,000                      Facebook followers – 1600                                 Instagram – 800                                                   Twitter – 800.                                                                    DA – 25+

On a personal note we made a lot of travel plans that we were really looking forward to.  Unfortunately very few went ahead as our finances were hit with a lot of car issues early in the year.  We did enjoy a week at a friend’s caravan by the seaside at Hoburne Naish as well as a 2 week trip to Ireland and a weekend in Weymouth.  There’s been days out at the British Motor Museum, Red Kangaroo, Oxford Castle, Whipsnade Zoo, Legoland, Farnborough Air Show, Countryfile Live and Coral Reef to name just a few.

We’ve seen our children grow another year older, increase in confidence and develop in to the wonderful young people we enjoy today.  We’ve watched Lilian leave primary school and take her first steps into secondary school life.  We’ve seen Lois move on from Beavers to Cubs and achieve so much there as well as at school.  We’ve laughed as Cody has developed his brilliant character and amazed us with his self-confidence in having a go at anything.

There have been a few surprises along the way too.  2018 saw Dad of 2.5 get a new job.  It’s been a complete change of direction but a fantastic career opportunity doing something he’s always wanted to do.  It may have thrown our routine completely up in the air but we are slowly getting in to a new pattern!  We also fell pregnant, something we hadn’t originally planned at the start of the year.  However, that all changed and we can’t wait for the arrival of our newest member of the family in 2019.  Exciting times lay ahead!

So what do we have planned for 2019?  Well aside from having a baby of course and enjoying my maternity leave!  We’ll probably be back over to Ireland visiting family and have been talking about a visit to Wales as well.  We’d like to put our National Trust passes to greater use and check out some of the castles in Wales.  We also hope to take the whole family to Disneyland Paris next winter.  There will be plenty more days out and reviews to share with you of course.  I’ll try not to spam you with too many baby posts but I’m sure there’ll be a few along the way!

Whatever you have planned for 2019, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Happy New Year!

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